Five reasons why you still need a business phone number

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Ever since email took the world by storm in 1997 there has been talk of it replacing telecommunication and the need for a business phone number altogether.

Around 293.6 billion emails will be sent and received worldwide in 2019 according to Statista and although email and instant messages are a universal method of communication in the digital age, nothing beats the level of customer service that comes from speaking to a representative over the phone. There are a number of other benefits associated with having a business telephone number, as it is easier for non-technical customers to opt for phone service, it adds a personal touch and it is being integrated into the future of communication with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Five reasons why you still need a business phone number

1. Customer friendly

Speaking with a customer or client over the phone opens up the conversation to a whole new level of customer service. Speaking over the phone forces representatives to respond in real time and dedicate their focus to the customer they are speaking with, rather than juggling multiple customers through an IM support system.

Telecommunication is also more useful for walking customers through solutions to more complex issues.

2. Easy and accessible

Telecommunication is easy and accessible, especially for individuals who may not be as tech-savvy, such as older clients. A phone call can also be made anywhere, anytime, from any place. In order to access an email or IM support, a client would need an internet connection and possibly a computer (if the site were not user-friendly).

3. A business phone number is a memorable part of your brand

A business telephone number is one of the many components that make up the face of your brand. Speaking with a live agent over the phone can be a memorable experience, which is all the more impactful when it is, in fact, a good experience.

Customer service can really make or break a company. A recent study found that more than half of participants reported poor customer service driving them away from a brand altogether. Additionally, 64% of customers find relevant customer experience more important than the actual price of the product or service. A wonderful customer service experience via telephone will leave clients happy and likely to put a good word out for your company to their co-workers, friends and family.

4. Adds a personal touch

Speaking over the phone is far more personal than a faceless, monotone, digital message. Customers and agents alike are able to hear each other’s tone, allowing agents to easily detect when a customer is distressed and take the proper measures to calm them down. Research published by CyberPsychology has also found that audio communications, such as speaking over the phone, are an important part of strengthening the bonds and connections between humans. Therefore, customer service via telephone will strengthen client relationships and encourage them to put more trust in your company.

5. Part of the future

VoIP allows you to make phone calls via an internet connection and is a brilliant alternative to a traditional ISDN phone line, which for businesses will be switched off in 2025. At Windsor Telecom, we have a wide variety of VoIP telephone numbers with various uses and benefits, such as conference calls, routing, an online management portal, as well as an app available for smartphones – allowing you to stay future proof, as well as still do all of our previous five points.

How to get a business phone number

Again, as we stated to before, speaking over the phone means an agent will dedicate their full focus to a client. It is a more personal, one-on-one experience.

While emails and IMs seem to make the world go round these days, nothing beats the quality of customer service that can only be delivered through speaking over the phone with a business phone number. At Windsor Telecom, we offer a wide variety of business phone number options tailored for your needs.

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