Five improvements that ultra-fast connectivity can have for your business

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Business is changing. Internet and business connectivity is more vital today than it ever has been, and the demand continues to rise. But businesses are being held back. Our outdated digital infrastructure is unable to cope with the volume of data we’re producing – leading to dropouts and slowdowns, and limiting our productivity and efficiency.

All, however, is not lost. Businesses can now get access to superior, high capacity, pure fibre CityFibre-based connectivity services across a large number of areas in the UK. With ultra-fast, gigabit-speed internet connectivity, businesses are fully future-proofed and can use cloud technology like Microsoft 365, Quickbooks, Zoom and Salesforce without the fear of lagging and bottlenecks.

So, what are some of the benefits that you could hope to see for your business?

1. Ultra-fast symmetrical speeds & super-low latency

With a pure fibre connection directly into your business, you’ll have access to both gigabit-capable upload and download speeds, increasing efficiency and productivity. Full-fibre services are not restricted by legacy copper infrastructure, meaning practically limitless capacity.

2. No slow-downs, no matter how many people are using the network

Gigabit speed internet is on average 100 times faster than current copper-based broadband. Staff working in a range of ways whether that’s in the office, from home, on the go, or a mixture of all of them, can simultaneously access a gigabit network at peak times with no drop in speeds. This means that it’s possible for everyone to do whatever they need online at the same time with no waiting.

3. Next-generation services, cloud computing & remote back up

A pure fibre connection can support your business both now and into the future as your digital requirements continue to evolve. Virtually limitless capacity means a new world of applications become practical solutions. There will be no concern over staff all being on video calls at the same time, or at the same time as the finance team trying to run end of month on Sage.

4. Get smart about the way your business communicates

Replace your current landline for cheaper, smarter VoIP telephony and have your meetings face-to-face with HD video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. With gigabit speed Internet, lag free video conferencing will be the norm, helping to bring businesses together, even when they’re not all in the same location or all working from home.

5. Resilient, reliable, responsive

Business critical services can run smoothly over the state-of-the-art infrastructure, where pure fibre connectivity represents a truly diverse connectivity solution, completely independent from incumbent infrastructure. Ethernet Flex comes with a 5 hour return to service guarantee to put your mind at ease.

To find out how you can access this ultra-fast network, contact us to start your conversation.

Ethernet Flex product sheet

Ethernet Flex: Full-fibre connectivity

Ethernet Flex is a cost-effective full fibre connection that provides 200Mbps bandwidth as standard, with bursts to 1Gbps when needed, at no extra cost. It is perfect for businesses looking for occasional bursts of bandwidth to operate productively and efficiently.

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