How the end of ISDN will affect your business and what you can do

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The end of ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Networks) has many companies wondering what to do next. However, business owners need not worry because the disconnection of ISDN is actually good news. The advent and growth of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  over the past few years has meant that businesses have a quick and easy way to transition from the old to the new, understandably, there are trepidations about the change. Especially when companies feel that they need to enlist the services of trained and certified technicians to ensure the transition is seamless and successful.

What the decommissioning of ISDN means for businesses

With the end of ISDN services for businesses coming in 2025, it means an overhaul in the way businesses operate. For decades they’ve been able to solely rely on old ISDN phone lines but moving forward, they’ll need to upgrade their systems and enter the world of VoIP.

Older phone systems, also known as PBX (Private Branch Exchange), will need to be upgraded to ensure that they are compatible with the modern network. Equipment that you’ll need to upgrade to IP devices includes fax machines, burglar alarms, vending machines, old Sky TV systems and fire alarms.

When you upgrade your phone systems, you get access to off-premise IP-based systems. Alternatively, you can upgrade your on-premise voice system and connect with the newer Voice over Internet Protocol.

Transitioning from ISDN to VoIP

Due to the decommissioning of ISDN, companies need to migrate to a web-based environment. This involves replacing ISDN lines with VoIP or SIP trunks. To ensure that the transition is a good experience and that the business does not suffer operational downtime, you need the expertise of a skilled technician.

This transition comes with commercially favourable outcomes because VoIP will increase your organisation’s ability to communicate with great potency. The new technology also has multimedia capabilities that ISDN did not have.

Additionally, VoIP packages are much more flexible and scalable as opposed to ISDN services and organisations can take advantage of the cheap calls and lower line rental to save a significant amount of money.

The benefits of transitioning to VoIP

Businesses are justified in their excitement over the end of ISDN because the new technology will most definitely increase organisations’ competitiveness. VoIP supports a wide array of services that helps streamline workflow in organisations and companies.

VoIP is meant to drive the performance of your business. It is a new communication paradigm that delivers multimedia sessions and voice communications over the internet.

VoIP is the future

Even though change almost always comes with its challenges, it is not the case with the end of ISDN. Transitioning to VoIP allows you to leverage a more flexible and scalable service. You get to save money on the lower line rentals too. To find out more about Voice over Internet Protocol and to start moving away from ISDN, contact us on 0800 160 1111.