Comms National Awards

Windsor is Best SME Solution winner

CNA 2020 Best SME Vertical

Comms National Awards: Windsor is Best SME Solution winner

It’s official! Windsor provides the best solution for SME businesses in the industry!

Last night, in the virtual Comms National Awards, everyone else discovered what we’ve known for a while… Windsor Telecom provides its customers with the best communications solution for small and medium sized businesses.

When asked what sets us apart from other solutions, our customers were quick to highlight the ease of use, ability to tailor the solution to their needs and fantastic customer service we provide.

We love technology, but we know that for most businesses it’s simply something they need to work. And in a world where there are up to five generations working together, we strongly believe that technology should be easy and enjoyable for everyone.

It’s that core belief that’s at the heart of every solution and service we provide; be that an easy way to communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues or an ongoing IT support service to manage your network and security. And that’s our difference. We keep every solution simple and straightforward, always talking your language and never tying you into unnecessarily long contracts. Because business needs change and we want you to be able to flex and change your agreements with us when you need to, and stay with us because you want to, never because you have to.

Last night we had a few drinks to celebrate because we’re real people, just like you. And that’s why we won!