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Think about how you’re operating your business. If you’re on the go, trying to launch your business into something great, you don’t have time to answer every phone call. How many calls do you miss every day because you’re not there to answer the call? Probably more than you’d like to admit. The good news is that there are various benefits to obtain from a call answering service.


It’s critical that you make a lasting first impression that is a positive one. If you expect to grow your business, you have to consider a call answering service as it will help you to improve the first point of contact. If you don’t answer the phone or they have to leave a message with someone who doesn’t take down the details, it can make it difficult to connect with a potential lead a second time.


Think about the professionalism that comes with having a call answering service. You can have a professional operator answer all of the incoming calls for your business. Whether you’re a small business where you spend most of your time out the office; or you don’t have enough staff to answer the calls, you have to be cognisant of the incoming calls you will get.

People want recognition. They don’t want to leave a message on a random business’ answering machine or voicemail. They want to be seen important and a call answering service can accomplish that goal for you.


A virtual personal assistant can provide a lot of details to customers or potential customers when they call. This means that they can provide a higher level of customer service than what is being offered right now.

You can have a personal assistant who is knowledgeable about your business. This ensures they’re able to address the commonly asked questions so that they can end the call knowing more than before they made the call. This is considerably more than what you’re providing people now if they call and are forced to leave a voicemail.


Regardless of where you’re working – the office, home, or in the field, calls and messages can be forwarded to you. Important calls can go directly to you so that you can address the most urgent of calls. Otherwise,  a personal assistant can deal with the call, capture their details, forward messages so that you know about potential leads, opportunities, as well as address their issues.

You have the ability to be in greater control of your business when you’re not missing calls. A call answering service ensures you’re learning about the people who are calling your business and you don’t miss a thing. It may be the best way to stay in tune with what’s going on.


Business opportunities arise all the time. However, if you’re not answering your phone regularly, you could be missing out. Some calls are urgent. If you let them go to voicemail, people may not leave a message and go elsewhere. Further, they could leave a message and you dismiss it because you don’t understand the full extent of why you should be calling back.

When you use a call answering service, you don’t miss out on major opportunities. Instead, a personal assistant will forward the call to you or take a detailed message so that you know about the level of urgency when it comes to returning the call.

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Windsor Telecom have been helping businesses talk to their customers for nearly 20 years. We help demystify telecoms with call handling technologies, hosted telephony and our call answering service is just another one of our excellent services. We can help you win business and keep your customers coming back.