How to block a phone number

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How to block a phone number

Is there anything more annoying than receiving phone calls from a number you don’t want to receive calls from? Knowing how to block a phone number is vital to not just your sanity but also to make sure you stay productive.

When to block a phone number

Unwanted calls are a nuisance and it’s usually not just a case of one missed call, it can often mean a deluge of calls over a long period of time that can damage your productivity at the best of times. If you do want to block a phone number, you need to make sure it’s the right call as the caller won’t be able to get in touch with you again. If the call is coming from an unsolicited company or person and you’re confident that you’ll never have any interest in talking to them now or in the future, then it’s a good idea to block their phone number.

The increase of robocalls in recent years may be another trigger for you to block a phone number. Robocalls use a computerised autodialer to pass on a pre-recorded message – usually from a political or telemarketing campaign. In fact, their rise has been so significant that over 26 billion calls were made in the US alone in 2018, a 46 per cent year-on-year growth.

Not blocking a number can have consequences

If you don’t know how to block a phone number then there’s a chance that it could hamper your workday and stop you from being productive. A call from an unwanted source might come right in the middle of an important meeting, diverting your attention away from the topic at hand and steering your mind off course.

Even at quieter times – when you’re concentrating on writing an important document for example – an unwanted call can remove you from being ‘in the zone’ while at work and stop you in your tracks. Not something that’s going to help you get work done. Don’t delay, block that number.

How to block a phone number forever

Knowing how to block a phone number will depend on your setup. With an iPhone or Android device, there are internal settings that can help you to quickly block a phone number from ever calling you again. For business phone systems, blocking a number can be painless, however, it will depend on your setup.

With Windsor Telecom, blocking a phone number is as simple as a few clicks of a button and in seconds, it’s done. Does your operator do that? If not, why not? With Windsor Telecom’s renowned phone system and advanced call tech, it’s a service that is second-to-none in all areas.

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