B P Collins selects Windsor Telecom to provide exceptional customer experience

B P Collins

B P Collins selects Windsor Telecom to provide exceptional customer experience


B P Collins, a Times’ Top 200 law firm that helps people and businesses achieve their goals and make lives easier, has chosen Windsor Telecom as its managed communications provider. Recognised as a regional heavyweight, this is a key part of B P Collins’ growth strategy to ensure that every customer gets an outstanding experience every time they call.  

Windsor Telecom has provided their bespoke cloud telephony solution, integrated with Microsoft Teams and Peppermint CRM to B P Collins’ 120 colleagues across three locations. The solution will revolutionise the way that the teams communicate with each other and their customers giving them one place to communicate, collaborate and access the information they need to best serve their clients. 


The new solution provides: 

  • A cloud phone system with intelligent call routing and number management 
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams so that everyone works from one interface to communicate both internally and externally 
  • A seamless link into their CRM for instant access to customer data 
  • A high-quality calling experience for every customer, regardless of where their lawyer is working 


With over 50 years’ experience, B P Collins is dedicated to delivering the best legal advice to both individuals and businesses in a way that helps them achieve the best possible outcome. It has a solid track record of winning cases and solving clients’ problems through their deep understanding of the law and personal commitment to making a difference. Robust and reliable communications are at the heart of that success. Seeking legal advice is often paired with managing a difficult or complex situation, so it’s vital that every time someone contacts a B P Collins lawyer, the experience is outstanding, making sure the client feels valued and important. The new solution will ensure a great calling experience every time with outstanding call clarity, in-depth call analytics and an easy-to-use colleague interface. 


John Hargrave, Chief Operating Officer at B P Collins comments: “A great client experience is paramount to B P Collins, which means that our communications technology is vital. Our new cloud telephony solution has completely changed the way we work making it easier for us to communicate with clients and each other. We now use Microsoft Teams for both internal and external communications. The new solution fully supports our collaborative approach and ensures we always have access to the right data and expertise. We had a new phone system for 120 colleagues in just ten days, which confirms just how easy and straightforward Windsor Telecom is to work with.” 


Pete Tomlinson, CEO at Windsor Telecom comments: “Whenever I’ve sought legal advice, knowing that there’s someone immediately available at the end of the phone is reassuring so we’re privileged to be working with B P Collins, helping them answer every call and be there to help people and businesses achieve great outcomes. The adoption of Teams has been phenomenal over the past few years and integrating it with your telephony solution makes perfect sense for businesses that want a single, easy-to-use interface through which to both communicate and collaborate. Everyone’s been talking about unified communications for years, but it feels that with Microsoft Teams it’s finally available to every business.”