The Advantages of a Unified Communications Solution

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UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, is growing worldwide across various industries, big and small. When searching for a telephony solution, many businesses think that it’s only for big companies and corporations. Many small to medium businesses don’t realise that it is actually the right choice for them. Advantages of cloud-based telephony system include huge potential savings and greater scalability of systems.

What is cloud-based telephony?

Often called a “hosted service” or “cloud-based PBX”, these solutions were introduced when VoIP (Voice Over IP) hit the scene. Business VoIP phone systems allow users to make phone calls over local area networks (LAN) or the internet by converting analogue voice signals into digital packets of information. These packets are sent over the internet and allow conversations to occur anywhere in the world there is an internet connection.

So what are the advantages of unified communications? What can it do for your business?

Advantages of unified communications


The cost of any upgrade in a business is generally the number one concern. Naturally implementing a new technology and scaling up requires funds. Since the internet infrastructure is incredibly vast, the cost of a cloud-based telephony solution is much lower than a traditional system. The provider is able to pass savings to their customers with many included calling features like caller ID, voicemail, etc. Because this solution works off your internet connection, there’s no need for a traditional phone line.

This results in you having one unified communications solution, one provider, one simple price. Scaling up efficiently will help a business not to spend extra money on unnecessary hardware and servers. To do this, it is best to outsource these functions to professionals who can help you plan, decide, install and teach you on your new cloud-based phone system.

Customer satisfaction

The heart of any business beats because of its customers. It is widely acknowledged that great customer service today is key to a business’s sustainability and profit. Seamless integration of current customer service functions is possible with a unified communication solution. From pulling up customer records to recording voice-based interactions automatically to routing calls to exactly the right person in the organisation, even if they are on a mobile phone, unified communication makes it easier for everyone.

Not only will the business sound professional but the customer will have a better communication experience, leaving them happy and wanting to continue business with you. Also, voice quality is no longer an issue. There is no need to worry about latency or voices becoming digitised and intermittent with this solution connected to a reliable internet connection.


In today’s news it is not uncommon to hear about cyber attacks or companies being held hostage virtually for ransom. To say that any solution is impenetrable to a digital attack would be very unwise. Cloud-based telephony systems have long been perceived as being a weak spot in a business’s IT network. With Windsor Telecom being in charge of the planning and deployment, we will ensure your system is properly encrypted, secure, and configured with only the levels of access necessary to update and maintain the system.

If a business were to ever need to initiate its disaster recovery plan, they will be happy that they have been utilising a cloud-based solution as downtime can be eliminated altogether, within a cloud-based solution.

Partnering with an experienced specialist like Windsor Telecom, will bring your business up to date with a customised unified communications solution, helping you stay ahead of the technology curve. Windsor Telecom has a vast amount of experience and thousands of happy customers that will attest to their abilities.

Contact us today and let us help you reach your unified communication goals.