5 Tips: How To Manage Remote Worker

When you’re managing a team of people who work from home or in different offices, you need to know how to do this. There are some tips that can help with remote workers, including implementing some new technology.

Open up the lines of communication

Not everyone is open and honest about what they need and want. When you open up and communicate with remote workers, you can learn more about what they need so that they can enjoy a more flexible working environment. Some employees may feel overworked or lack the motivation to get the work done. By knowing about some of the obstacles early on, you can work to make improvements.

Hire the right employees

When it comes to hiring mobile or remote workers, you need to find the right ones. Not everyone is able to work from home (or in a remote location) because they don’t have the drive to get the job done.
There are plenty of employees who find that they are more productive working from home than in an office. However, some people like working in an office because it provides them with the rigid working environment that they need. By defining some of the requirements of working remotely, you can prepare employees for your expectations. They can then be the ones to tell you whether they are up for the job or not.

Provide the opportunity to collaborate

Some of the best ideas will occur at the water cooler. This means you have to work extra hard in order to create some of those water cooler moments. Collaborative tools will make it easier for you and your remote workers to touch base and share ideas.
Conference calls, online drawing boards, and more can be implemented. This will make it easier for everyone to get together, even virtually, in order to share ideas.
Additionally, you can use various forms of technology to collaborate on actual documents, such as contracts, presentations, and more.

Monitor progress

It can be difficult to monitor how remote workers are doing. As such, you want to be able to set goals and monitor them so you know more about what they do on a daily basis and how they can improve. Identify expectations and establish a schedule for you to follow up on their progress.

Document trails will help you to establish what they have done and whether they are progressing at the level that you require.


Unified communications

You need to consider the tools that you are giving your employees. Business VoIP phone systems will allow call forwarding directly to their home. There are a lot of benefits to this. First, it allows you to obtain analytics on all business calls, such as hold times, call duration, call recording and the average number of calls taken. Second, it allows you to have a professional front regardless of where your employees are located. A unified communications solution allows you to accept business calls from your mobile and work seamlessly wherever you are.

Learn more about how you can benefit by contacting Windsor Telecom today. We can talk to you about a unified communications solution for your business that can help you to work with remote employees while also increasing the flexibility that you have in the workplace and reducing your costs. Introducing new technology from time to time can make it easier for you to boost productivity while also allowing your employees to have a greater level of flexibility.

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