Tech tips: 5 things your telephony provider should be doing for you in 2022

By Helena Belcher, CRO at Windsor Telecom

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People love to talk. And although we have more ways than ever to communicate – email, chat, social – conversations with customers and colleagues remain at the heart of good communications and a robust and reliable phone system is still a vital element in your tech stack.

We talk to businesses all the time about what makes a good and bad phone experience and it’s a combination of functionality, flexibility and quality of service. Here are the top 5 things that we’re asked for most often and what every phone provider should be helping you with to make every conversation easy and enjoyable?


Ways to improve your telephony in 2022

1. An anywhere, any device experience

Lots of us are no longer tied to a single desk, so your phone system should support PC and mobile apps, as well as desk phones in multiple locations. This should be easy and immediate making it easy for people to switch between location and device.


2. Control and visibility

You need real-time access to easy-to-understand reports and wallboards so you can properly plan and respond to your staffing and customer needs. And with the new hybrid working trend, real-time data should be immediately available across locations to bring together a single and informative view of the customer experience


3. Integration with other apps

Your comms are part of a wider set of tools, like Microsoft Teams and your CRM, so they should all integrate as closely as possible. Increasingly businesses are using Microsoft Teams as their main communication channel, bringing together collaboration, calls and contact centre into one familiar and easy-to-use interface.


4. Ability to scale easily

There are lots of reasons you may need to flex the size of your team up or down, so you should be able to add and remove users easily, on flexible terms.


5. Supportive service

It’s not enough to just resolve your queries. Your supplier should be proactively reviewing your worker styles and your end customers’ needs, ensuring you have everything you need at a good price for your business.


There are plenty of telephony providers out there, some great, some not so much. If you’re not getting all five of these and more, maybe it’s time to talk to someone new. Windsor Telecom is always here to advise and help with all aspects of your business telephony, speak to us about how we can help with your phone system.