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Get a feature-rich, scalable cloud phone system that meets your business needs, now and in the future.

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Cloud telephony for your business

Keep your entire business phone system at your fingertips, wherever you are, with a cost-effective, easy-to-use and flexible cloud-hosted solution from Windsor Telecom.

A cloud-based phone system gives your employees the tools they need to stay connected and work more efficiently with a streamlined, fully integrated business communications platform.

And with loads of useful call handling and monitoring features that can be easily adapted to your growing business’ needs, you can improve the quality and customer experience of your inbound and outbound calls.

Your advantages 

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Lower costs

Cut out the expensive maintenance and ongoing hardware upgrade costs of your PBX system. Plus, you’ll enjoy free calls with great rates and no restrictive multi-year contracts.

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Powerful calling features

Get a call management system that meets your business’ exact requirements, from call queueing, forwarding, recording and analytics to Microsoft Teams and CRM integration and much more.

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Unified communications

Centralising all your business communications on a single platform saves time and costs, and boosts your team’s efficiency and productivity, collaboration and agility.


Flexibility & scalability

Easily add new extensions and modify call management protocols in minutes as your business grows as your requirements evolve, without the need for costly PBX hardware.


Better customer experiences

An intelligent call routing and management system ensures your team is always available and ready to receive customer calls. Advanced analytics help you identify bottleneck and optimise resources.


Future proof

Cloud-based infrastructure meets the requirements of the modern, distributed workplace, and gives you the modular flexibility to easily scale to your future business requirements.

Get a bespoke phone system for your business

Whatever your industry, and no matter the size or complexity of your telephony requirements, we’ll develop your cloud hosted phone system with the features you need to improve your call handling performance.

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Features at a glance

Cloud phone systems let you select the features you need, and exactly how you want them to function. These include:

Call forwarding

Send your incoming calls to any desk or mobile phone so that each call is handled seamlessly, professionally and efficiently.

Call routing

Reduce hold times and ensure each call is transferred to the most suited person with a bespoke call queuing and routing system.

Call recording

Call recording can help you evaluate and improve the quality of your customer service, or correct misunderstandings between customers and your agents.

Caller ID

With Caller ID, you can identify an incoming caller’s name and phone number, block callers, manage how your number displays on outgoing calls, and more.

Call analytics & visualisation

Get real-time and historical intelligence of your business’ communications to understand and address bottlenecks, improve resource allocation, and improve your customer experience.

Auto attendant

Segment your incoming calls with a customisable menu system to send your customers to where they need to be.

Call monitoring

Gain the ability to listen in on calls and ‘whisper’ advice and pointers to your agents in real-time during a customer call.

Video conferencing

Conveniently join video meetings and make video calls through your cloud-based phone system with our Microsoft Teams add-on module.


Whether you need a basic voicemail service or an intelligent ‘virtual receptionist’, ensure missed or after-hours calls are always attended to.

CRM integration

Simplify and streamline your administration by automatically capturing each call within your CRM system.

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Working remotely?
Keep your team connected

Today, remote working is the new normal. A phone system that is optimised for this decentralised work is becoming an essential requirement for many medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises around the world. It’s something your traditional PBX systems can’t deliver.

By hosting your business telephone system in the cloud, you can easily deploy your communications architecture to any cloud-enabled desk phone, mobile phone or softphone as if your team were in the office. Give your staff the tools they need to work optimally, no matter where they are based.

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Still using ISDN?

Now’s the time to upgrade to a modern solution.

ISDN technology will be shut down in 2025 in the UK, with the sale of ISDN lines to cease in 2023. If you’re one of the million UK businesses still using it, you need to switch soon. Learn more about your options for switching over to a broadband-powered cloud telephone system.

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Cloud-based phone systems

What is a cloud-based phone system?

A cloud-based phone system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) system that is hosted over the internet. Unlike a traditional phone system or PBX, the technology and infrastructure that enables a communication network in a cloud-hosted system is located offsite and managed by a third party service provider.

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How does a cloud-based phone system work?

A cloud telephone system converts a voice signal to small packets of data, which can then be sent and received – just like any data – over the internet. A hosted PBX system manages the routing of the call.

SIP trunking

Get the convenience of a virtual phone line through your existing PBX system and enjoy the added flexibility and advanced features of a cloud communications solution.

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Business mobile

Tailored business-only mobile plans that give you the minutes, messages and data that you need. Enjoy the freedom of mobile and a business-exclusive network that doesn’t slow you down.

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Cloud technology refers to the delivery of computing and communications services over the internet. Instead of maintaining on-site, hardware-heavy systems to manage and process data, businesses can migrate these services online. The benefits of cloud technology include cost savings, fast integration, almost unlimited flexibility and scalability, and greater system reliability.

You’ll need a fast, reliable internet connection such as fibre broadband for your cloud calling system. The precise bandwidth you’ll need however depends on the number of concurrent calls your business is likely to make, as well as how much video calling is required. More calls and more video = more bandwidth.

Though this depends on your specific telephony application and requirements, in most cases cloud does indeed prove to be more cost-effective than on-premise systems. This is because cloud hosted systems do not require the upfront and ongoing infrastructure and hardware upgrades and maintenance of on-premise systems, especially where scalability or functional changes to the system are required to meet evolving business needs.

In addition to cost savings, cloud technology is also fast to set up and integrate, is flexible and scalable to your business requirements, and can help your manage your employees workflow and communications more efficiently, leading to both productivity increase and a better customer experience.