Tech tips: 5 tell-tale signs you need a contact centre solution

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By Helena Belcher, CRO at Windsor Telecom

When we hear the phrase ‘contact centre’ we think of faceless rows of people with headsets answering hundreds of calls daily. However, that’s no longer the case and there are many businesses, or departments, that would benefit from the new era of cloud-based contact centre services.

In this blog, we’ll explore 5 tell-tale signs as to why you may be ready for a cloud contact centre.


What are the signs that you should explore a cloud contact centre solution?

1. You keep missing calls.

If you never seem to have the right people to answer calls at the right time then adopting a more structured call management plan will help your teams become more efficient.


2. Lots of people talk to customers.

Different teams need to talk to different customers for different reasons. Contact centre-based services will show you every customer interaction across teams to easier resolve customer issues.


3. Your staff are fed up.

Managing customer queries is a hard job and dealing with multiple systems and outdated technology makes it harder. Giving colleagues modern, easy to use tools they can access anywhere makes everyone happier.


4. You interact on different channels.

If it’s taking every effort to answer the phone, then adopting digital channels like social and webchat is daunting. Modern contact centre technology makes this straightforward though one interface.


5. Customers aren’t happy.

Customers have high expectations, voting with their feet if they get bad service. Thinking about your contact strategy so every query is resolved quickly and easily should be a priority for all businesses.


If you relate to any of these signs, then it’s worth exploring cloud contact centre technology.


What is a cloud contact centre?

A cloud contact centre complements your cloud telephony system, offering contact centres an easy way to support remote working and busy periods when flexibility and scalability is key. Instead of relying on physical on-premise equipment tying you into a long-term investment, a cloud contact centre allows you to adapt and change your requirements and flex as your team needs to, making it more cost-effective right from the start.


A contact centre solution like no other

At Windsor Telecom we’ve taken advantage of 20+ years of communications experience to create a flexible comms solution that combines communications, collaboration and contact centre functionality with the ability to scale for every size of business. We make it our business to know your goals, working alongside you to map your worker styles to their personal needs and design a bespoke comms solution that supports both your people and your strategy.

Talk to us if you have teams taking calls with no clear structure, if you need better data visibility to improve your customer experience or you’re just looking for some friendly advice on how to handle your customer queries across an increasing number of channels.