10 Tips For Buying A Business Phone Number

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With so many different number ranges available these days, knowing which one to choose is tough.

Are you looking for more inbound leads?
To generate less inbound calls?
A more professional brand image?

We’ve put together 10 simple tips to help you on your way.

1. Know your numbers

Make sure you know your 01s and 02s from your 08s; your phone number will say a lot about your company.

» A local 01/02 number suggests you’re a specialist business and operating in a specific geographical area which will appeal to those looking for a local service.

» 030 numbers are designated for charities, non-profits and the public sector. They are free to call which can encourage more interest and donations.

» 033 numbers say you’re a professional business and can be highly trusted. They also hide your specific location making you appear as a national business.

» 0845 numbers give you a national and professional image that is highly recognisable.

» 0800/0808 numbers are free to call from any UK landline or mobile, give your company a national identity and can improve response rates.

» 084 or 087 numbers can help you earn additional revenue as you’ll accumulate money from every inbound call that you receive.

2. Understand the cost of your number

Ask yourself, ‘What’s the cost to me?’. It’s one of the most common questions from business looking for their perfect number. The price you’ll pay will depend on the types of calls that you need to make and the features that you’ll need.

At Windsor Telecom we are competitively priced, offering free connection on all numbers with monthly charges from £0 and revenue shares of up to 4p per minute – so we can really help to save you money.

3. Think about the cost to your callers

Knowing what your customers will be charged is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. If you pride yourself on great customer service then you might want to consider a freephone number that they’ll be happier to call.

If your business relies on customers calling you and you pride yourself on great customer service, consider a free to call or reduced rate number such as 0800/0808, 0333 or 0300. These numbers are included within many call packages and are cheap to call (often costing the same rate as an 01 or 02 number), letting customers know that their call is important and that you are an established and professional business.

Equally, you could be looking to offset the costs of your services with a revenue generating number such as an 0844 or 0871 which will bring in revenue share of up to 4p per minute.

Whatever your goal, knowing the cost to your callers plays an important role in choosing the perfect telephone number.


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