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Business Phone Numbers

Stand out with a business phone number that gets you noticed

The right memorable business phone number can help you stand out from the competition, increase your enquiries, give national appeal or even help you break into new local markets.


Give the gift of free calls to your business and stand out with a memorable 0800 number, now completely free from any phone.

Most people will call an 0800 first
Completely free to call from mobile and landline
Free Connection
From £12.50 p/m

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A low-cost 033 National Business Number tells your customer you are a professional, UK-wide business they can trust.

Highly memorable number range
Low cost for your customers to call
Free Connection
From £12.50 p/m

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Win local business with a local presence using our memorable geographic phone numbers available for any town or city across the UK.

Instantly recognisable in your target locality
Low cost for your customers to call
Free Connection
From £12.50 p/m

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Exclusively for not-for-profit and charity organisations, 030 numbers make calling and donating more appealing.

Exclusively for ‘not-for-profit’
Low cost number encourages more calls
Free Connection
From £12.50 p/m

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A memorable 0845 Number will give your business nationwide appeal and show you are a serious corporate organisation.

Unlimited inclusive minutes
National Number
Free Connections
From £10 p/m

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Earn 2p per minute from calls to your organisation and offset other business overheads with a nationwide 0844 Number.

Unlimited inclusive minutes
Earn additional revenue from your inbound calls
Free Connection
Free Gold Numbers

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Help Me Choose My Business Number

Having trouble finding the right number for your business? Try our easy-to-use wizard and let us help you find the best phone number range to suit your business needs.

Free Features with Every Number

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated, expert Account Manager will always go above and beyond to make sure you get the very best care and attention. Our ‘red-carpet’ approach to every single customer and our 24/7 year-round support will give you the utmost confidence in your inbound service.

Smartphone App

Smartphone App

Our Smartphone App allows you to manage your business phone numbers even when you are ‘out of office’, away from a PC or on the move.

 Online Management Portal

Online Management Portal

Manage all of your numbers through the world-class My Windsor online portal. This way you have access to all of your services, and all of your numbers, all of the time.

Voicemail by Email

Voicemail by Email

Have your voicemails delivered to your inbox. View at your convenience, share with colleagues over email and keep a permanent record of important messages.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

All our call packages have built-in disaster recovery in the event of a service failure or emergency. Reroute your calls even if your landline goes down; maintain customer confidence, whatever the situation.

Call Routing

Call Routing

Route your phone number to any landline or mobile at the touch of a button. Or even set up ‘time of day’ routing to automatically switch your calls to your mobile or your out-of-hours message when the working day is over.

Conference Calling

Conference Calling

Gain access to an 0844 Conference Call line with every number so you can run meetings at short notice across multiple locations as often as you need, all without leaving the office.

Call Statistics

Call Statistics

Gain a wealth of valuable business data through our comprehensive call statistics package. Use this rich information to track the ROI of your marketing and improve efficiencies in the way you answer calls and manage your customer experience.

30 Day Free Trials

Choose a memorable business number and enjoy a 30-Day trial Absolutely FREE!

Your 30-Day Free Trial with Windsor Telecom includes the following:

  • Free connection and setup of your memorable phone number
  • Free My Windsor training session with your dedicated account manager
  • Full use of all of the Call Handling services
  • Support & advice to get the right inbound set-up for your business

Why choose Windsor Telecom?

  • The widest range of memorable phone numbers in the UK.
  • A ‘red carpet’ customer promise that puts the customer first in everything that we do - 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Trusted by thousands of loyal customers and rated as one of the top telecoms providers in the UK on Trustpilot.
  • Our huge range of call handling services, tailored to your business.
  • A tier one telecoms network - the most robust and reliable service you can get.
  • Our online portal My Windsor - a world-class, user-focused solution.
  • A free smartphone app to manage your number while you are on the move.
  • Agreements with all major UK providers that makes porting to us extremely easy.
  • Lower business overheads with our highly competitive call charges.
  • Round-the-clock access to call tracking data with every number.

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The ultimate guide to buying a memorable phone number for your business.


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