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0800 160 1111




Phone us on 0800 160 1111 to select your own memorable business number from our wide range.

Memorable business numbers

A number can be so much more than digits; it can be the start of a brilliant relationship.  Whether it’s a freephone, local or national number, Windsor Telecom has a wide range of business phone numbers to choose from to ensure your customers find and connect with you.

Managing Your Business PHONE numbers

When you’ve chosen your perfect numbers, take control with our advanced call management features that improve customer experience and how you work.

With call statistics, call recording, disaster recovery and so much more, you’ll have access to a wealth of intelligent call management features that will help you enhance your customer’s journey, improve your service and have full control over your incoming calls.

0800 Business Numbers

Eye-catching for customers, the power of a free phone number can’t be underestimated.  Take the cost of calling away with an 0800 freephone number.

Free to phone
Provides credibility
Our customer’s no.1 choice


01/02 Business local Numbers

There’s a sense of warmth that comes with dealing with a local company. Win your local area with a business number that has a local presence.

Locally recognisable
Low cost for customers
Immediately trustworthy


033 Business Numbers

Get a nationwide presence without the expense. 033 national numbers provide a professional look and feel to your business and give customers confidence in your services.

Nationwide appeal
Low cost for customers
Memorable numbers available


030 Not-for-Profit Numbers

An exclusive range for charitable and not-for-profit businesses.  An 030 business number adds a layer of authenticity and makes it approachable for customers.

Exclusive business number
Low cost to generate high call volume
More likely to receive donations

Call Handling

Advanced call management features

Not only will you get a memorable business phone number that can sit alongside your existing number, you also get access to our range of advanced call handling features. Never miss a call, easily manage your call volumes, gain access to in-depth call analytics and more.

Advanced call handling features come integrated with our online portal with every memorable number. Talk to us today about how to unleash this power into your business.


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Why business phone numbers from Windsor Telecom?

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Superior Online Portal

My Windsor is a market-leading system personalises to your account so you’re able to manage your phone numbers and call handling with minimum effort. With just a few clicks you can instantly change how you handle calls to your business. It’s flexible, agile and always available for you.

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Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, it’s often out of our control. A service failure or emergency can have a negative effect on the tech that we use every day to talk to customers. Be prepared and gain disaster recovery with every business number so when your landline goes down you can have all calls rerouted instantly.

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Enhanced Call Statistics

Our enhanced call statistics give you a wealth of valuable insight into how customers are connecting with you. Knowing your customer is a large part of winning business, so get all the knowledge you can, with our comprehensive call statistics solution that’s available with all our business phone numbers.

Bespoke development

Bespoke number solutions

Some businesses need something that little bit special. With around 20 years’ experience in business numbers we’ve created solutions for some very bespoke requirements. We’ll take the time to listen to your challenges and work with you to tailor something to your exact needs, without compromise.

bespoke solutions