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You love caring, we love technology

Over the last couple of years, it’s become increasingly apparent that care homes rely on technology, just like every other business. Not just for the day to day operation of the home, but also for their residents to use. And as this requirement for evermore sophisticated technology increases, it needs to be supported by ever faster connectivity and the right infrastructure.

Technology is part of our future and getting it right is vital. We’ve worked with care homes across the UK to make their technology easy and enjoyable, providing fast dedicated internet, reliable Wi-Fi, easy to use phone systems and friendly IT support. If you’re not sure that your care home tech is running as well as it should, then let’s take a look together and see what improvements can be made.

What care home technology solutions do we offer?

Fast dedicated internet

Fast and reliable internet is a necessity for any care home – for residents, staff and carers alike. We’ll find the best solution for your budget so everyone can enjoy fast internet speeds all day every day.

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Reliable Wi-Fi

Internet connectivity is only as good as the Wi-Fi that supports it. We’ll set you up with fast and reliable access in every corner of every room – so you can work efficiently and your residents’ live enjoyably.

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Easy-to-use phone systems

Our cloud-based phone solution will allow you to easily manage inbound and outbound calls on any device, wherever you are – making sure no call is ever missed.

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Friendly IT support

Our expert IT team are on hand – at the end of a phone, email or in person – to help you with everything from password resets and security settings through to installing new applications and devices.

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The benefits of our technology solutions

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Easy-to-use solutions

We like life to be easy and enjoyable, so all our solutions come with setup, training and intuitive management portals.

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Cost effective

Every business has budgets and want to make the most of them. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to fit yours.


An easy experience

With our cloud-based tech and in-house support team you’ll be able to provide staff, carers and residents a great tech experience.

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We scale with you

Whether it be new members of staff or new residents, our solutions are easily scalable to keep up with demand.

Why Windsor Telecom for your care home technology 

We’re here to help. Not only can we help you work your way through the many acronyms and jargon some people seem to love, we’ll also help you define your needs and understand the range of solutions that are available before helping you make the right choice.

  • Exceptional experience A red-carpet customer service experience that is focused on you and your care home
  • Market-leading Trustpilot Our customers love us, which is why they rate us 5 stars on Trustpilot
  • G-Cloud framework We’re fully approved to provide services to public sector organisations
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Our security systems are fully protected against hacking and phishing
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Once upon a time there was a care home in Oxfordshire doing what they do best, caring. 

Follow the journey of how we helped a care home modernise their technology to improve the day to day operation of the home as well as offer better facilities for their residents. From providing ultra fast internet to replacing legacy phone systems with a state of the art cloud-based phone solution.


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