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Wave 105

Wave 105


Wave 105 needed a single telephone number to use as its travel hotline, that did not have a local dialling code and that would be the same to dial in Dorset, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and West Sussex.


Wave 105 is a radio station based in Fareham, Hampshire, which broadcasts ‘The South’s best variety of hits’ to nearly two million adults in the Solent. The company has about 40 full-time staff.


Wave 105 wanted a number for its travel hotline that did not have a local dialling code – as its audience spans multiple counties. It also needed the number to be highly memorable – so that its listeners could easily recall it, as most were on the
road travelling, with the option of being able to easily divert the calls to any landline or mobile of their choice, if its travel centre was unmanned.

Solution and results

“The station required a telephone number to use as a dedicated ‘travel hotline’”


The team at Windsor Telecom worked closely with Wave 105 to choose an 03 number, which are renowned for being easy to remember.

The number also incorporated the station’s frequency. Wave 105’s travel line is 0345 230 1050.

Our Call Divert service is free with all of our numbers and this was used to tackle the issue of diverting calls. This allows the station staff to redirect calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to a number of their choice, simply by dialling a dedicated number.


Mike Ayling, Chief Engineer at Wave 105 said,

“Our 03 number is working very well for us. It‘s memorable and it’s fantastic to have our station frequency included within it. The Call Divert service is a quick, easy and reliable way for us to redirect our travel calls. At night and at weekends, when the travel centre is unmanned, we often divert the calls to the main studio so that the on-air presenter can take them and broadcast the travel information straight away. This can all be achieved with one telephone call and ensures that our travel reports are always up-to-date and it means that all calls are answered – which is important to us from a customer service point of view.”


We were also able to provide Wave 105 with another 03 number that incorporated the station’s frequency to use as a dedicated charity auction line over Christmas. This produced 787 calls in the very limited time that it was needed.

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