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The National Domelight Company

The National Domelight Company

The National Domelight Company improves their customer experience and moves into the future with easy and enjoyable tech.



The National Domelight Company, part of IDCC Limited, is the UK’s leading supplier of dome lights, rooflights, skylights and smoke vents. With over 30 years in business, the family-run specialist is focused on providing the best advice and guidance together with quality products and dedicated support.



The National Domelight Company was operating out of a single office using an analogue PBX system with an ISDN line as their main communication solution. When Covid-19 first forced many UK businesses into lockdown in Spring 2020, the team found that they could no longer operate as a business from anywhere except the office. They were unable to make or receive business calls, have visibility of what the team were busy with and who was available. They also had no way to access any documentation as all their files and data were stored on their office server.

However, they were reluctant to change providers of their business numbers as these were published nationally and they were concerned that they could miss incoming customer calls.



Windsor Telecom already supported the company’s IT software and hardware, so they approached us, as a known trusted advisor, to help them work through a solution to work remotely and modernise their technology so they wouldn’t be in the predicament again.

They wanted a forward-thinking solution that would increase their efficiency and prepare them for the ISDN switch off in 2025. They also wanted better connectivity and traffic management to help their business applications run smoothly.

Windsor Telecom worked with them to implement a Fibre Ethernet connection, along with new cabinet installation, networking, and infrastructure to the office. We also proposed a cloud telephony solution with inclusive minutes, integrated with Microsoft Teams to allow them to make and receive calls from any device and location. As Teams is integrated into their calendars, they can also view when colleagues are available.

To improve the customer experience, we added call tagging to their new phone solution, which allows the call recipient to see the IVR menu option the caller selected. Now every colleague was ready to answer the call the way the customer needed.

When it was time to bring their numbers over to the new system, our team routed calls through Microsoft Teams to ensure the switch was seamless with minimal downtime and impact on the business.


“We’ve trusted Windsor Telecom for a number of years with our IT support and are so happy that we approached them to modernise our comms; with our new dedicated connectivity and cloud phone system we’re now set for the future. With Windsor, it’s the little things that make the big difference – their willingness to listen and suggest ways of working that you hadn’t even thought of ensures that the final solution surpasses your original requirements. Now, if I have any tech questions, I can just pick up the phone, knowing they’re there to help, I don’t think you could ask for more.”

– Scott Couldrey, Managing Director


With a new full Fibre connection and networking infrastructure, coupled with a feature-rich cloud telephony solution, The National Domelight Company is now ready to continue growing their business and delivering an even greater service to their customers. Plus, the integration with Microsoft Teams has given them the flexibility to operate from anywhere, regardless of device so they’re safe in the knowledge that they’re ready for whatever comes next.



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