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Stock Must Go

Stock Must Go

Stock Must Go now has clear visibility of every call thanks to Windsor Telecom’s Call Manager Plus.



Stock Must Go is an online retailer supplying refurbished electronics such as laptops, mobile phones and beauty tools. They refurbish, test, pick, pack and dispatch products from their Staffordshire-based facility, while always delivering a fantastic customer service. Established in 2012, the company works alongside some of Europe’s leading manufacturers and retailers to offer a wide range of appliances at a competitive price.


During 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and like many UK businesses, the majority of Stock Must Go’s colleagues were forced to switch to remote working. As a result of this the  team found that they were unable to monitor their customer service team’s calls, and had no visibility of call volumes and how they were being managed.

With everyone working from home, the team managers found that they couldn’t see when agents were busy helping a customer or available to take a call; or even basic call statistics such as customer wait times or missed and abandoned calls. They needed a way to view all of this in a simple and efficient way and without staff feeling as if they weren’t trusted.

As an existing Windsor Telecom customer, Stock Must Go raised this challenge with their account manager who knew just the solution to help them better manage their teams, regardless of where they were located.

Solution and benefits

Windsor Telecom worked with Stock Must Go to implement our Call Manager Plus solution. Call Manager Plus works as an extension to our cloud telephony service, providing additional functionality in the monitoring and management of inbound and outbound calls and giving greater visibility to team managers. The solution enables team managers to easily see busy and available agents, and for aqents to set their own statuses for optimal transparency. It combines our feature-rich cloud telephony solution with basic contact-centre functionality, enabling calling teams to be managed in real-time and in a straightforward way, wherever they are.

After watching a quick demonstration video, the whole Stock Must Go team were able to set the solution up themselves. Managers were given additional access to view individual agent’s statuses and statistics, as well as plan for busier periods using the real-time reporting provided within Call Manager Plus.

Since seeing the success of the solution across their customer service team, Stock Must Go has now rolled this solution out across their whole business, giving them visibility of every person in every team and ensuring they can all collaborate to continue delivering the best customer experience possible.



“Using Call Manager Plus is so easy to use and gives us all the data we need to improve our customer service and satisfaction. Once we tried it, we had to roll it out to the whole company. I could not recommend Windsor Telecom more for their support and service.”

– Allan Ferguson, Service Manager



The future

With a simple solution to assist them in managing calls efficiently, providing in-depth real-time statistics, and allowing colleagues to work out of office, Stock Must Go can now move forward into a new stage of their business, confident that they’re providing their customers with reliable customer service. And, always, with Windsor Telecom’s ongoing support.


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