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Scottish SPCA

Scottish SPCA


The Scottish SPCA needed a memorable telephone number that did not cost its callers more than a standard landline to dial. This was a huge priority for the charity as it did not want to prevent members of the public from calling just because of the cost of the call.


The Scottish SPCA is Scotland’s leading animal welfare charity and was set up in 1839 to prevent cruelty to animals and promote kindness and humanity in their treatment. The organisation is based in Edinburgh and employs more than 200 staff.


The SSPCA also wanted a number that was cost effective for it to run – as it’s a non-profit making organisation and relies on public support to operate. Also, it wanted a number that was memorable – in order for members of the public to recall its contact details easily if they saw an animal in distress. The number needed to be relevant to the service that the charity provides.

Solution & results

“Windsor Telecom was able to offer us a large selection of 03 numbers.”

An 0300 number seemed the ideal solution. 0300 numbers are specifically for use by public bodies and non-profit making organisations. They cost the same to call as standard landline numbers (e.g. 01 and 02), even from a mobile phone.

Unlike other non-geographic numbers, 0300 numbers are included as part of any inclusive call minutes or discount packages offered by landline or mobile phone operators – meaning that a call to an 0300 number can often be free. This satisfied the charity’s objective and means that if a member of the public sees an animal in distress outside and is required to make a call on their mobile phone – they will not be charged more for doing this.

Our 0300 numbers are also cost effective for the SSPCA to run. After a one-off connection fee the charity pays a fixed monthly service charge that includes 10,000 inbound minutes per month.

0300 numbers, such as all non-geographic numbers, are also highly memorable and we were able to offer the SSPCA: 03000 999 999, a very memorable number which reflects the emergency aspect of the service they provide (999).

Having an 0300 number also meant that the SSPCA could instantly redirect it to any landline of its choice with our Call Divert which comes free with all of the numbers we provide.


“Windsor Telecom was able to offer us a large selection of 03 numbers and we felt that the number chosen, 03000 999 999, was a memorable number that the public will relate to. We hope that our new number will encourage people to call when they see an animal in distress, knowing that they will not be charged more than a local call.”

Fiona Murray, IT Manager, SSPCA

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