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Redeem, a leading provider of recycling and recommence solutions for mobiles and handheld electronic devices, were looking to improve their communication solution in order to bring it all under one supplier so that it was easier to manage.

We wanted to ensure that their business needs were met and that we could help them with the problems that they were having.  We took the time to talk to Redeem about their needs and to work out a solution that would see them create an environment for their communication that allows for their sites, customers and people to talk to each other in harmony.


The problem

Redeem needed to move away from a traditional ISDN-dependant structure – including the removal of an existing PBX system – and towards a future-proof VoIP solution.  By using ISDN, they knew that they weren’t ready for the future and with two sites that didn’t integrate correctly, it created an issue where it was impossible to get all of their communication systems to be succinct.

With multiple sites with separate providers, they needed a way to bring everything together in order to have more control over their phone line and more freedom in how they communicate and work collaboratively.


The solution and results

The removal of the PBX system and replacement with a future-proof VoIP solution immediately meant that Redeem now no longer had to consider costs for maintenance bills or waste time with hardware issues that previously could have had an adverse effect on the way they operated.

When it comes to porting over a range of numbers, there can be concerns of lost data or traffic, however, with Windsor Telecom, there’s minimal risk of this happening.  All of their DDI range was ported across with a continuous service whilst we moved all of their systems under multiple providers to just us.

Redeem now also have use of the highly sophisticated Akixi call stats software, which comes with a range of great features, including the ability to set up sophisticated wallboards which can show relevant data and produce reports that allow Redeem to highlight specific agents’ performances.  This means that they can see in-depth analysis of many items, including the length of calls, average pick up time, locations of where calls are coming from and so much more.  They can now easily identify patterns and anomalies, with which they can tailor their customer journey or practices accordingly in order to run in a more efficient and productive manner for both their customers and their internal measures.

Redeem’s multiple sites now take advantage of having just one provider with integration, easy access for call transfers between sites and all of the same solution.  In addition, Redeem also enjoy a plethora of included minutes which all come in an easy-to-understand bill with a set monthly service charge, so there’s no need to cross-check which bills are from which company or any extra charges that they aren’t aware of.


“This is a first-class service provided by a great company. From start to finish everything is managed for you and any issues are dealt with very quickly, ongoing help is right at the end of the phone. I used to spend quite a lot of time managing our old ISDN system now I very rarely have to look at the management of this new system saving me a lot of time and money.”

Ronnie Macleod, Applications Support Analyst | Redeem


We were able to unify Redeem’s multiple offices under one solution and one provider, making it easy for them to understand what they’re getting and what they’re paying for.  The result of this is a future-proof and all-encompassing communications solution that will see them at the forefront of providing their customers with an excellent experience and their people with all the tools needed to move the company forward.

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