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NLP Life

NLP Life


NLP Life Training provides Neuro-Linguistic Programming and training seminars with some of the best NLP trainers in the world. The company needed memorable telephone numbers that it could use throughout the organisation and a flexible system that allowed it to queue its callers and divert them if needed.


NLP Life Training was set up in February 2008 and provides Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other training seminars with the best NLP trainers in the world, including Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), John LaValle (President of the NLP Foundation), hypnotist Paul McKenna and life coach Michael Neill. The company is based in London and employs more than 20 staff.


It wanted one main highly memorable contact number along with separate numbers that it could use for individual seminars that it held for its customers. The company also needed numbers that were not location-specific as it wanted to portray a national presence and attract customers from across the UK. Also, NLP Life Training wanted the ability to queue its incoming calls and automatically put its callers through to the relevant person or department dealing with the course they are interested in. The organisation needed its telephone system to be flexible, with the ability to divert its calls to staff that were working away from the office.

Solutions and results

“Call diversion gives us great flexibility at an affordable cost.”

We were able to provide NLP Life Training with a matching range of highly memorable 0845 numbers.

As the UK’s most popular non-geographic number range, 0845 numbers have a high public awareness and allow NLP Life Training to have a national.

It also lets the organisation divert calls to its 0845 numbers to up to 3 target numbers (such as landlines and mobiles).

“Our 0845 numbers, combined with our Call Handling systems, gives us great flexibility at an affordable cost. We use welcome messages to greet our customers and then pass them to a queue for the relevant training courses that they are interested in. The Call Divert feature and Voicemail to Email, which lets us receive and send voicemails via email, is ideal for some of our salespeople who work remotely from different locations. The Call Handling solutions offered by Windsor Telecom mean we now have greater control over how we utilise our phone system.”

Jay Lombard, Operations Manager for NLP Life Training

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