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Kersh Media

Kersh Media


Kersh Media’s BBC-trained team produces professional videos that turn your ideas, information, products and services into compelling and engaging stories. We enjoy helping to explain even the most challenging and difficult to grasp content and we’re proud to work for companies and organisations both big and small all around the world, producing live action video, animations and motion graphics.


Kersh Media is a video production company with clients all around UK and abroad. They are proud to be based in Kent, but the company doesn’t want clients to think of it as only a local or regional business. So using an 0845 number means Kersh Media is geographically neutral.

Solutions and results

The 0845 number is very flexible, we’ve expanded twice since 2006 into bigger offices, but we haven’t had to change our phone number, or reprint business cards. We can take our phone number with us. We’re also very pleased with how simple it is to administer the number. My Windsor is easy and quick to use.

Because we work for clients outside UK who are in different time zones, it’s useful to be able to answer the phone outside of UK office hours, so the mobile divert is great. It means clients can contact us seamlessly anytime. There have also been occasions when the whole team is out filming on location; the mobile divert means clients never get the dreaded answer phone message.

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