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Hatton Garden Jewellers

Hatton Garden Jewellers


Hatton Garden Jewellers is the online presence of Classic Jewels – a jewellery shop based in London. The company wanted its online store to have a different contact number to its retail shop, without the need to install a separate phone line within the same location.


Estelle Freedman, the managing director of Hatton Garden Jewellers, wanted a memorable number for its online store, which they could divert to their retail shop. She also wanted her staff to be able to determine which company (Hatton Garden Jewellers – the retail shop or Classic Jewels online) the caller was dialling, so that they could answer the phone appropriately and with the correct business name. Estelle also needed to be able to monitor the amount of calls that her online shop was receiving in comparison to her retail store enquiries, so she could differentiate between the two and regularly monitor where the majority of her business was originating from.

Solutions and results

“If you run two businesses from one location or have multiple brands, then Whisper is the ideal solution.”

We were able to supply Hatton Garden Jewellers with a memorable 0845 number, combined with our Whisper service.

The Whisper enables companies to use multiple telephone numbers in its marketing campaigns, but receive all calls to the same, single location.

For staff to identify which company its customers were calling, even before answering the phone, Whisper announces the calls by a recorded message.

My Windsor, the online customer section of our website, allows customers to manage, edit and personalise their products. Basic call statistics are also available on My Windsor, which would enable Estelle to view the amount of calls that her 0845 number was attracting for Hatton Garden Jewellers.

Estelle said:

“I am very happy with the service. Whisper means I don’t have to install a costly second phone line in my shop – but I still have the freedom of having different phone numbers for each branch of the business”

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