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Business Post

Business Post


Business Post needed a set of telephone numbers it could use for its marketing campaigns. The numbers needed to be memorable so that its potential customers could easily recall them.


Business Post is the largest independent mail and logistics service company in the UK. The company has been operating for more than 36 years. It employs about 5,000 staff.


Business Post needed numbers that were not location-specific – so that one single telephone number could be advertised throughout the UK.

Solution and results

We were able to supply Business Post with five 0845 numbers. These numbers were highly memorable and, as the UK’s most popular non-geographic number, had a high public awareness. For example, 0845 230 50 50 was allocated to the company’s mail division – UK Mail, as a dedicated marketing number. This is an easy to remember number and essential for this busy service that was set up as an alternative to Royal Mail’s provision.

This also means that Business Post can track the effectiveness of the service and the enquiries generated through the number by using the interactive call statistics feature on My Windsor.

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