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Buckinghamshire Building Society

Buckinghamshire Building Society


Buckinghamshire Building Society, based in Chalfont St Giles was founded in 1907 as an independent financial organisation. As a mutually owned Society they continue to offer their members financial security by providing a safe home for their savings and helping members to buy a home of their own. Delivering a level of personal service to their members is essential to their ethos and culture of “doing the right thing”. The company had found their existing traditional PBX system was restricting their growth and business continuity plans and needed a solution to assist them in moving forward.


Dave Childerstone, IT Manager at Buckinghamshire Building Society, found that their existing on premise PBX offered no room for expansion or contingency for business continuity. Their existing architecture was unsupported and needed to be incorporated in line with IT systems within the business continuity plan.

They also needed to swiftly add additional handsets or numbers as new employees came on board, which their existing system did not allow.

They also found that their system restricted their continuity where they had to be in the office to communicate with their customers. The nature of their business and the high level of service expectations required a solution with more flexibility.

Solutions & results

We supplied Buckinghamshire Building Society with a hosted VoIP solution which supported their ability to grow and become more versatile in their day to day operations. With a cloud-based solution, new workstations could be easily configured through the self-service portal which increased their scalability. Their business is now able to adapt and grow fluidly and not be restricted by their systems.

It also allowed for a disaster recovery plan giving them the resilience to work from different locations, if the need arose. Recently, they experienced bad weather which restricted many employees getting to the office. They simply rerouted their calls, via the online portal, to their mobiles or soft clients with their customers not being affected and their operations continuing as normal.

Their main benefit has been business continuity as they now have a number of ways to make and receive calls without the reliance on a physical desk-based telephone system. The staff can now make and receive calls from any device, mobile or a soft client on their laptops, increasing their availability to their client base and their flexibility to work.


“The provisioning team were great, taking time to understand our requirements and to configure the environment to meet those needs, and happy to keep tweaking the system to give us exactly the functionality we required. Migration to the platform was painless with minimum disruptions, again thanks to the hard work of the provisioning team.”

Dave Childerstone, Buckinghamshire Building Society

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