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BP Collins

BP Collins

Windsor enables Legal Firm to Communicate and Collaborate with Confidence


The Customer

B P Collins is a Times Top 200 law firm focused on helping people and businesses achieve their goals so life becomes easier. Its 120 employees are dedicated to delivering the best legal advice through solving problems, managing risk and adding value.

The Challenge

Like most other UK businesses, B P Collins was forced into hybrid working through Covid, but quickly found that the call quality delivered by its incumbent provider simply wasn’t stable, negatively impacting colleague collaboration and client satisfaction.

This compromised customer experience was exacerbated by a lack of supplier support, which prompted B P Collins to find a new solution that could still integrate with B P Collins’ Peppermint CRM solution, providing instant access to client data for more efficient and seamless client interactions.

Windsor Telecom identified B P Collins as a prospective customer at a Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting and reached out directly after hearing about their challenges. Within days, the two businesses were sitting face-to-face, discussing the team’s requirements, the business’s goals, and the desired customer experience.

The Solution

Windsor Telecom proposed a cloud telephony solution to support anywhere, any device working, integrated with Microsoft Teams to give colleagues one easy-to-use and familiar interface for both communications and collaboration.

A Proof of Concept of Windsor’s bespoke Cloud Telephony solution was quickly designed, integrating Microsoft Teams and B P Collins’ CRM system to prove the firm could leverage a single platform to communicate, collaborate and gain access to essential client data.

To enhance the calling experience, queues, hunt groups, and IVRs were created to route calls to the right people to be able to quickly answer queries, implemented alongside an external answering service to manage calls when teams were busy.

Some of B P Collins’ clients still preferred faxing documents, so a fax-to-email solution was also added to direct any fax received straight into an email inbox rather than needing collection from the fax machine.

The trial was a resounding success and the full cloud phone system was rolled out to 120 staff, with the entire process taking just 10 days!


The Results

Using Microsoft Teams for communications and collaboration has completely revolutionised how B P Collins’ team works. Productivity has increased by having just one solution for both internal and external communication, whether in the office or working from home.

Call clarity and reliability are far better, too, enabling better client communication and protecting the brand’s credibility and client experience while every user gets to work in the way that best suits them. This is especially important as clients often discuss sensitive information, so being heard and understood the first time is important.

The new solution provides:
•  A cloud phone system with intelligent call routing and number management.
•  Integration with Microsoft Teams so that everyone works from one interface to communicate both internally and externally.
•  A seamless link into their Peppermint CRM for instant access to client data.
•  A high-quality calling experience for every customer, regardless of where staff are working.

Client contact is mainly through email and phone, so the integration between the cloud phone system and Microsoft Teams, plus Peppermint CRM, means that colleagues have immediate access to both the client data and information they need and other colleagues to be able to collaborate and share knowledge.

This integration has significantly enhanced both the colleague and client experience, with colleagues working closer together to provide a better service and clients receiving quicker responses, safe in the knowledge that their legal matters are in safe hands.

“A great client experience is paramount to B P Collins, which means that our communications technology is vital. Our new cloud telephony solution has completely changed the way we work making it easier for us to communicate with clients and each other. We now use Microsoft Teams for both internal and external communications. The new solution fully supports our collaborative approach and ensures we always have access to the right data and expertise. We had a new phone system for 120 colleagues in just ten days, which confirms just how easy and straightforward Windsor Telecom is to work with.”

– John Hargrave, Chief Operating Officer at B P Collins


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