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Animas Centre for Coaching

Animas Centre for Coaching

Animas continues its international growth with Windsor Telecom’s cloud telephony solution




Animas Centre for Coaching is an international coaching school situated in the UK and working across Europe and the USA. They’re passionate about coaching and what it can do for people, helping them make better choices in life, become more resilient and live more authentically. Today, Animas trains over 800 coaches per year, developing authentic and highly skilled coaches across a number of different sectors including education, corporate and charity.


Animas recently expanded into the USA and is continuing to grow across Europe. This opened a challenge in their communication systems – they needed a way to communicate freely with their prospects and students without their international customers being charged for their UK calls. Also, as their admin team works from home, they needed a way to call prospects and students without having to use their personal devices and display their personal mobile number.

Solution and benefits

Windsor Telecom was quick to support them. We recommended and implemented a cloud telephony solution, allowing for calls to be made over the internet, which eliminated the high cost of making international calls and made keeping in touch with people in different parts of the world much more accessible. With their expansion into the USA, they didn’t want their customers to have to pay international calling fees to get in touch, so we added a US local number which directed their calls through the new cloud phone system to be answered in the UK.

The included Windsor Phone mobile app allows their administration team to now make business calls from their mobiles, without displaying their personal number, making working from home simple and keeping their privacy.



“Windsor Telecom has always been helpful and responsive to my requests. They go out of their way to proactively find the right solution for me, my business and to support our future plans. Our new cloud telephony solution has revolutionised the way we work. It comes with loads of useful features included that make it simple to talk to our students and business contacts wherever we or they are. And the removal of international calling charges for our customers has made our training accessible to everyone, helping us to fulfil our purpose.”

– Leny Lopez, Business Administration Manager



The future

With a new feature-rich cloud telephony solution, coupled with a range of local UK and US business numbers, Animas Centre for Coaching is now ready to continue growing their business internationally and delivering ongoing guidance and support to their students.


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