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Age UK

Age UK

Cost-effective networking and cybersecurity services help charity thrive.


The Customer

Age UK Gloucestershire is an independent, local charity. Their ambition is to make Gloucestershire the best county in which to grow older. They want this to be the case for all older people, regardless of their background or circumstances.

The Challenge

•  The existing IT infrastructure consisted of a wide range of different operating systems & software along with outdated hardware.
•  The outdated infrastructure was impacting on Age UK Gloucestershire’s use of IT and the service they were providing to their clients.

The Solution

•  Windsor recommended a mixture of new Desktop PC’s and Laptops which were deployed with a standardised suite of software applications for all Age UK Gloucestershire users.
•  Network security was tightened by deploying a Sonic Wall firewall & Wi-Fi Access points to deliver secure Wi-Fi access for Internal Users and Guest access.
•  Proactive network monitoring was deployed to ensure all devices on the network are kept up to date with the latest security, anti-virus and windows updates.


The Results

“The deployment of the new PC’s Laptops and infrastructure by Windsor has made a huge difference in the way we use IT internally and has made us much more efficient in dealing with our clients throughout Gloucestershire. As the whole solution is proactively managed by Windsor we have seen a marked improvement in the up-time and reliability of our IT systems and in turn improved productivity and up take from users.”

– Rachel Limbrick, Finance Manager


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