Q&A with Tim Otoo

Our July star of the month

Meet our July star of the month – Tim Otoo

We love our team here at Windsor Telecom, and enjoy recognising people who go above and beyond for customers and colleagues. This month, we crowned our Senior Support Engineer, Tim Otoo, as our star of the month for his relentless support for all his colleagues, as well as going above and beyond for our customers.

Tim joined the Windsor Telecom team last year through our acquisition of Redstar. His drive to ensure that every customer he speaks to, either on the phone or on site, has a great experience is fantastic. Here’s a little bit about Tim to help you get to know what makes him tick, wise words for the world of business, and some facts about him that not many know.

tim photo edited

1. How long have you worked at Windsor/Redstar?

I’ve worked at Redstar for 8 years now – I started off shadowing the IT manager at the time and over time began looking after the telecoms requirements of our customers. I’ve developed and grown over the years within the company to Senior Support Engineer.


2. What does your day-to-day look like?

My days can be quite varied dealing with a wide range of customer queries and support issues. The day might start with an urgent hardware requirement for a customer where we source and dispatch or perhaps configure the device for them. I also monitor and handle any fault detection and liaise with both our customers and suppliers to ensure that they are connected and operational at all times.

I enjoy helping customers get up and running with their new solutions – it’s one of my favourite parts of my job. I love the excitement around deploying a new solution and ensuring that the transition and adoption between solutions is as smooth as possible – it’s my number one priority. I also enjoy sitting down with customers and helping to run training sessions or provide demos to get their staff onboarded with their new phone or tech solution.

3. What do you like most about your job?

The most enjoyable aspect of my job is getting to speak with and getting to know a wide range of people.  As we work closely with our customers, over time you get to know their like and dislikes, how they prefer to work and communicate as a business and its not unusual that we forge some really great working relationships.


4. What career wisdom can you share with us?

For me, it would be that you can’t work on things alone – teamwork is the key to success, especially in the technology industry. It’s okay to not be great at everything, so it’s important to use the expertise of the people around you to help support your customers. It’s great to work at a company where I know everyone else has the same passion to help and provide the best experience to all our customers.


5. What do you feel are the biggest trends in telecoms and SaaS that people should look out for?

For me it would probably be the rapid technological change in the way that telecoms is being leveraged and used by customers – traditionally, telecoms has been static in terms of new developments in technology. However over recent years, telecoms has very much merged with the world of IT in terms of collaborative working and communication, integrating with business applications like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. The merge of industries has created an exciting, fast-paced environment which I love. It makes for continuous learning and building on my knowledge to offer a wider range of platforms and products to my customers.


6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy anything to do with Formula 1 racing; the events, the community around racing and the sport itself. I went to the Silverstone Grand Prix in 2014 and would love to watch another live race again.


7. Any fun facts or hidden talents we don’t know about you?

I’m quite the music lover. I used to collect vinyl records, but I had to stop because I eventually ran out of space!


8. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

It’s got to be coffee – I can’t function in the morning without a cup, I know a lot of people can relate.


9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Flight, definitely. Imagine not having to deal with waiting in terminals for your plane to board and not having to deal with a flight being cancelled?


10. Cat or dog person?

I would say a dog person for sure. I don’t own a dog at the moment, but if I did, I’d love a dog with a great hairdo – so perhaps a Bolognese or a Bichon Frise.


Thanks Tim, it was great getting to know more about you and your passion for our customers.