Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

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Microsoft has officially launched their long anticipated new operating system, Windows 11, after a 16 year wait since Windows 10. Along with its new slick modern interface we’ve seen some exciting new changes to how Microsoft Teams has been improved in ways that will make working with it so much easier and more enjoyable.

Here are our favourite four:


1. Simple taskbar

In Windows 11, Microsoft Teams now lives in the Windows taskbar, called “Chat” which replaces Windows 10’s Skype Meet Now button. It’s the first time Teams will be so tightly integrated into Windows.

Why is this so cool? Well, it will make launching a video or audio call and chat a ‘one-click’ process.

Windows 11 experience Teams


2. Inclusive video conferencing

Windows 11 will also be incorporating video conferencing into day to day working even further. You’re now able to turn your microphone off and on from the taskbar and in a future release by able to activate noise cancelling and background blurring quickly and easily from the taskbar and not within the Teams app like before.

Mute on your taskbar


3. Streamlined communication 

Windows 11 has streamlined communication through Microsoft Teams’ notification system too. When a Teams notification pops up on your screen, you can reply directly inline, as well as accept or decline chats and calls making it faster to communicate and react to calls.

Microsoft Teams can also now sync all your contacts from Skype or Outlook, send group chats and meeting invite links to others, even if they don’t have Teams installed.

4. Microsoft Teams togetherness 

And just to make Teams that much more fun and user friendly, Teams in Windows 11 has revamped Together Mode with live emoji reactions, polls, calendar integration, chat history search, file sharing and the ability to directly assign tasks to others.

We’re all people and this level of engagement allows Teams to be used for so much more than chat, with interaction and human responses to conversations aligning it to the way we converse in person.

How to use Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Here’s how Microsoft Teams works in Windows 11:

1. Once you have Windows 11 installed, download and install Microsoft Teams onto your PC or tablet.

2. Sign into the Microsoft account.

3. Click “Chat” in the taskbar

4. When the Teams flyout opens, you’ll see your most recent individual and group messages.

5. Click Meet or Chat.

6. For a full Teams experience, click Open Microsoft Teams at the bottom of the flyout.

Microsoft launched Windows 11 on 5th October and is available to all Windows 10 users for free upgrade. Feel free to chat to us about how you can improve your communications in your teams with Windows 11 new version of Microsoft Teams.