How you can maximise your chances of never missing a call

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It’s probably the one thing we get asked most, from every customer in every sector, “How can we make sure we never miss a call?” Every call that comes into a business or organisation is important. Across many sectors it means business – a sale, a partnership, a service request – something that will add profit to the bottom line. But for many companies, that call is even more valuable – it could be a charity helpline offering support to people in need, time sensitive calls, customer service lines for large companies suffering outages or even crime reporting.

Missing these calls is not an option. Every single call or contact is important and that’s why every solution we discuss considers four key things to minimise the chance of ever missing a call:

Time: do you always have a way to acknowledge, answer or respond to contact, regardless of the time it happens?

This could be a voicemail, forwarding solution or out of hours answering service – whatever’s appropriate to your callers, but something to make sure they know they’ve been heard and when or how you will respond.

Location: can your people answer calls wherever they are?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic it’s become increasingly common for colleagues and volunteers to work from varying locations. This has worked well for contact centres wanting to attract a wider range of agents for their centres, but means it’s vital that your phone system provides anywhere access. Make sure that your solution is cloud-based and either integrates with collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams or easy-to-use mobile apps as standard.

Device: can everyone switch seamlessly between headsets, phones, apps and mobiles if they’re moving between desks and out and about?

Another big change is that people are no longer tied to a single location, they really can work from anywhere at any time, and on any device. Having a single phone system that works in the same way across mobile and desk phones makes life easier for everyone, as does having the functionality to be able to see colleagues’ availability to be able to transfer calls to exactly where needed.

Channel: do people only call or do you need to be able to monitor and respond via email, text, webchat or social as well?

The way that people get in touch is changing. Where the phone used to be the ‘go to’ method of communication, nowadays there’s a real split with many of the younger generations preferring messaging to calling. Omnichannel communications used to be the privilege of large ecommerce retailers, however, now there are affordable solutions for every size of organisation to incorporate different digital channels into their contact strategy enabling them to keep in touch with every generational preference.

Changing your communications setup doesn’t have to be an expensive, complicated process, sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Every business need is different; if you’re struggling with any of the above then tell us your story and challenge us to help you find a better way to communicate.

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