What is a Cloud Contact Centre?

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What is a Cloud Contact Centre?

A cloud contact centre is a flexible, cloud-hosted communications platform that helps businesses manage their customer-related calls, web chat, email, social media and SMS interactions all in one unified solution.

It gives your agents the tools to meet your customers where they are, and efficiently handle their requirements via a seamless and consistent digital journey that’s scalable and responsive to your business needs, and saves you continuous technology investments and maintenance.

As a result, it empowers businesses and organisations large and small across the UK to provide an exceptional customer experience, improve agent productivity, and save costs on communications infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a cloud contact centre?

  • Connect with your customers, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Route and manage customer communications to correctly skilled agents to optimise service resolutions
  • Modify, adapt and customise your contact centre features without lengthy engineering and setup times and high IT support costs
  • Get complete omnichannel visibility of your customer communications on a single viewport
  • Easily integrate dozens of third-party applications, from MS Teams to CRM systems
  • Enjoy ultra-secure, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that future-proofs your communications system

Why does my business need a contact centre in the cloud?


Unlike in the past where most customers contacted companies largely through phone or email, today’s consumers use an ever-increasing number of engagement channels to get in touch, from chat bots and SMS to WhatsApp and social media.

And they’re also more comfortable than ever in using self-service option available on digital channels to find the fastest resolution to their needs.

That’s why you need an agile omnichannel contact centre that gives your agents the information they need by amalgamating separate, fragmented systems into a single, unified desktop view, where the history, current status and other data relating to a particular issue is easily and readily available.

  • Improve customer service and customer retention

  • Reduce your Capex by only paying for what you use with predictable costs

  • Effectively manage a hybrid workforce where your agents can perform their job effectively from anywhere

  • Increase the volume of inbound and outbound transactions while enhancing quality

Enterprise contact centre features:

Agent Portal

Your agents gain a single desktop view of your business communications, where they can easily see all customer interactions, data and handle multiple enquiries at once without cluttering their screens.

Customisable IVR service

Develop the self-service capabilities you need in your contact centre to provide an optimal customer experience with a powerful built-in IVR solution.


Queuing management

Effectively route and manage inbound interactions to the most appropriate agents according to skill and priority amongst your queue.


Advanced analytics

Gain a comprehensive overview of operations and performance with real-time reporting and statistics so you can keep track of your department’s key performance indicators.


Agent Assistance

Receive real-time guidance to help your agents resolve customer queries. Agent Assist can guide agents through challenging interactions, offering helpful suggestions in real time based on the customer’s mood.

Open API

Easy integrate with MS Teams, CRM systems, speech recognition engines and dozens of other third-party applications to help you build the most efficient solution for your contact centre.


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Cloud contact centres are ideal in a range of industries:

Banking and financial services  |  Healthcare  |  Hospitality  |  Legal  |  Retail  |  ICT and Telecoms  |  Energy and utilities  |  Logistics  |  Transport  |  Education  |  Betting and gaming  |  Service management  |  Engineering  |  Food and drink  |  Manufacturing  |  Construction and building

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