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Expand into new areas without the risk

The world isn’t small anymore, the way we travel and communicate has transformed.  The growth of a business was often restricted by its location, fast forward to today and it’s now only limited by your ambition.  Expansion into new areas and territories without having a firm footing is now possible thanks to international phone numbers.

Why get an international number?

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Expand into new areas
without the risk

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No hefty moving costs

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Live statistics to identify customers

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Bespoke set-up

International numbers

International communications

An International Toll Free (ITF) phone number is a great way to increase sales and enquiries from overseas markets. If you do business abroad, offering an in-country phone number will help to encourage calls to your business. Potential and existing customers can call your international phone number without incurring any charges for the call.

We offer international phone numbers for over 100 countries, and by buying one of these numbers you can instantly become an international business. We even offer Universal Toll Free numbers – allowing you to have a single, free-to-call 00 800 number for use across multiple countries.