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Make the move to Windsor Telecom today and get not just a better price but also the service that you deserve. Don’t put up with stressful service and higher bills, take action by porting your existing number completely free.


How to port in three easy steps

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Ensure you have no outstanding bills

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Fill out our porting form and send it back to us

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We’ll do the rest and let you know when your number is ported

Porting your number needn’t be a chore.

We’re well equipped to move your number across from your current provider without any stress or hassle.

We’ll make the path to lower bills and our five-star service as straightforward as possible, allowing you to enjoy the benefits in no time at all.

Why you should port your number to Windsor Telecom

Quite simply, enjoy a better service for less money.

The act of porting a telephone number from one operator to another is simple, when you’re moving to Windsor Telecom.  Your phone number is part of your brand identity, so don’t lose it. Port your business number to us and enjoy the benefits of keeping your number without no stress and no time-consuming hardware upheaval.

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Save money

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Keep your memorable number

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Enjoy Windsor Telecom’s
five-star service

What makes Windsor special?

Joining Windsor Telecom isn’t just a case of moving a number from one company to another, with us, it’s much more than that.

You’ll get a dedicated account manager who acts as the safe pair of hands throughout your journey with us. Combine that with our wonderful five-star service and our market-leading portal that gives you complete control over how your number can work for you and you’ll see how it’s the type of combination that you just won’t find anywhere else.