Bolt Ons

Create the package you want

Need more from your business mobile plans?  Then help is at hand.  With Windsor Telecom’s easy to understand bolt-ons, you can ensure that your mobile plan is providing you with precisely what you need.  Letting you get on with your day without worrying about mobile limits or restrictions.

Choose from a wide variety of bolt-ons including:

UK Data 

If you need more data than usual, then you can grab some extra data to use within your billing month. Handy if you’re worried about going over your monthly allowance.

Non-Geographic Minutes

Get 100 or 300 minutes to call non-geographic 084 or 087 numbers and have your access and service charges included.

International Minutes & SMS

If you need to call international numbers from within the UK, this bolt on is for you. Choose from several 100, 500- and 1000-minute bundles. Receive extra SMS messages for when you’re abroad, just get in touch and these can be added on request.

Roaming Minutes Worldwide

Keep talking while travelling outside the UK and EU, choose from a variety of minutes bundles.

Roaming Data Worldwide

Stay connected while travelling outside the UK and EU, choose from a variety of data bundles.


Don’t just take our word for it, listen to our customers.  With hundreds of positive reviews, Windsor Telecom is a beacon of light when it comes to customer service in the telecom’s world.