Gain Peace of Mind with Disaster Recovery -

Gain Peace of Mind with Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Avoid damage to your brand’s reputation with Disaster Recovery

As much as we manage our businesses efficiently there are areas that are out of our control. Natural disasters, power outages and other causes can render us unable to keep everything on track.  However, even if the worst happens, you can ensure that it doesn’t affect your customers by having sufficient disaster recovery, just like the company in our scenario below when faced with an unforeseen problem.

The Scenario

A national retailer suffered a power outage during the build-up to Christmas, the onsite PBX at the head office was brought down and the outage lasted several days.

If no disaster recovery was in place, the retailer would be facing lost sales and revenue while their staff would be under severe scrutiny and pressure to solve the problems quickly.

The company would also be faced with forcing customers to complete their sales through a different number – one that wouldn’t have been advertised, which would have resulted in a clunky and disjointed customer journey that would have damaged the brand’s reputation.

Thankfully, because Windsor Telecom’s My Windsor portal is a network-based platform, the national retailer was able to get back on track thanks to our disaster recovery.  Despite the power outage, they were able to instantly re-direct calls to another location and maintain business continuity without any extra work for the customer.

The Benefits

Here’s how they managed to mitigate the disaster quickly and efficiently:

The retailer set up a call plan in the My Windsor portal and allowed them to route the 03 number to a second office with the touch of a button.  This meant all calls were re-routed to the second office that had an overflow option – mitigating potential problems and leaving customers none the wiser about the issues the national retailer faced.

Windsor Telecom’s disaster recovery solution ensures business continuity in a disaster.

If a business has a power outage at their main office, they can instantly redirect calls to another location to maintain customer experience. My Windsor operates from two separate, highly secure national data centres, with a comprehensive range of physical and software redundancies in place.

  • Instantly redirect calls at the touch of a button
  • Ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Protects brand integrity
  • Doesn’t affect your customers’ experience or journey
  • Provides peace of mind

You can control even the worst business scenario with disaster recovery

The customer in this scenario can continue to focus on what they do best: delivering great quality products at the most competitive prices without their customer service procedures or reputation being damaged.

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