Why You Need A Call Management Solution For Your Business

call management solution

A Call Management Solution Is the Answer

Dealing with a high volume of calls can quickly become overwhelming to the point where, if not planned correctly, a business can easily mismanage their inbound calls and start losing customers.  A call management solution is the answer to this situation and in the following scenario, you’ll find how a university efficiently managed the issue of encountering a high volume of calls.

The Scenario

A university has a tricky time managing the influx of calls through the annual clearing process, trying to ensure that every student is helped through what is already a difficult time. As you’ll discover, a call management solution was the answer to this particular problem.

A university can receive around 41,000 inbound calls on the first day of clearing.  A call management solution can help employees manage the calls successfully whilst giving callers on hold details of the waiting time, so they can then make an informed decision to wait or call back later.

The Benefits

The benefits of a call management solution are:

  • Ability to queue up a high volume of callers while reassuring them that they would soon be dealt with.
  • Ratio targets and virtual switchboard call technology meant students could immediately be forwarded to a relevant team.
  • Spaced out calls to avoid mass congestion on the network.
  • A simple dashboard of all call data to aid future resourcing decisions.

The Features

The benefits of the call management solution are in-part down to some of its excellent features, such as:

  • Next call routing

Giving the university the ability to make sure resources are utilised efficiently by filtering inbound calls to the most applicable skills set to reduce long wait times.

  • Call queuing 

Call queuing allows the university to give better customer service than their current set up, which had students hearing an engaged tone causing frustration.

  • A simple dashboard

That features call data that has the ability to aid future resourcing decisions, thus giving you the ability to quickly identify the stats that matter to make insightful observations and decisions.

A Stress-free Clearing Process

If you take a high volume of calls then a call management solution is the answer that you’re looking for.  Find a way to easily handle your customers in a way that lets them know exactly what’s going on when they call you.

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