The Benefits of Call Statistics Can Drive Performance

Benefits of Call Statistics

The Benefits of Call Statistics

Businesses use call statistics to enhance not only how they operate but also to improve the day-to-day lives of their customers.

The benefits of call statistics are plentiful but it’s only when you receive tangible feedback that you realise just how important gathering call data and using call tracking technology can have a positive effect on your business.

In the following scenario, you’ll see how a business used call statistics to provide them with a better and more efficient way of working.

The Scenario

A marketing agency first initiated the use of call tracking technology, to help customers measure their marketing ROI. They used call statistics to easily track and report on their campaigns.

The statistics were viewed as real-time data within the MyWindsor user portal and could be easily extracted to analyse and report on the inbound call information per campaign.

The Benefits

The benefits of the solution are:

  • Seamless API integration into their existing systems and processes
  • Rich data analytics, dashboards and reporting functionality
  • Real-time data extraction: enabling quick customer response to every inbound call
  • Customer-responsive development to ensure the solution continues to deliver to their needs
  • Ability to use multiple business numbers on marketing material to track lead origination

Providing rich, real-time call analysis to drive marketing performance.

Being able to not just hear the phone ring but get actual analytical feedback allows you to help drive not just your own business but also your customers.

The scenario above helped the marketing agency to easily monitor, analyse and act on their findings thanks to Windsor Telecom call tracking technology they employed.  Had they not taken advantage of using Windsor Telecom’s Vision call statistics, they may have continued to make common mistakes or fail to identify new trends within their industry, which could have had a long-term adverse effect on them and their customers.

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