Complete Life Coaching


Complete Clarity Life Coaching wanted a telephone number that looked more professional than a mobile number, allowed the owner to work from home, and one that could be diverted away from the office if required.


Complete Clarity Life Coaching is a personal development and business coaching company based in Bournemouth, Dorset, which was set up by owner and sole trader, Sean Gardiner.


The company wanted a non-geographic telephone number to use as its main contact line. Sean needed the number to be cost-effective for the business and inexpensive for his customers to call. The ability to divert calls was essential.

Solution & Results

“I now have the flexibility to switch where the phone diverts to quickly and easily online.”

The solution was an 0845 number. This is the most cost-effective, non-geographic number for a company, or an individual, as we do not charge for the calls they receive.

Sean Gardiner said, “The package Windsor Telecom offered me perfectly suited my needs. My 0845 number allows me to work from home, while offering me the privacy that a standard landline does not. The number looks more professional too and there is the added benefit that my clients do not have to pay unfair call charges when contacting me for the first time. This can make the decision to pick up the phone much easier for them.  I love the Voicemail to Email service that comes with free with my package – which means I can pick up my voicemail from anywhere in the world, just for the cost of using the Web.”

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