Why you should monitor, track and report frequently on business calls

Is your new year’s resolution to be more proactive in your reporting? As a business owner you may already monitor results and activity for other channels in order to establish performance and what needs to be improved.

Well, no matter the time of year as a business you should not forget about call statistics, these can help to improve response rates, increase sales and validate an upsurge in budgets but only if they are actively monitored and the information found is acted upon.

Here we provide you with reasoning on why monitoring, tracking and reporting via our Vision Call Statistic tool can be extremely beneficial to your business.

1. Establish the success of your marketing campaign

By establishing a unique business phone number for each marketing campaign, you can drill down in to the success of each to find out which individual channel provides you with not only the highest quantity of leads, but is also the most profitable in the long term.

You can look granularly at the data to establish the return of investment of each mode of marketing you use and what you should continue or abolish.

This also provides you with further insight into the user journey and where your customers are coming from; helping you to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising.

Bespoke reports can be created and downloaded from the system to help you justify an increase or decrease in budgets to enhance your marketing plans.

2. Customer service insight

Customer service is an integral aspect of any business, with live call statistics you can monitor the current level you are providing as well as how you can improve this further.

Simultaneous calls and call volumes can be reviewed via call statistics, this allows you to map when calls are being missed along with the busiest periods. You can then adjust staff’s working patterns or breaks accordingly to ensure your workforce is available during certain stages of the working day.

As a business owner you can also analyse the number of missed or engaged calls that go through to your voicemail and again review if there are any tactics you can implement to lower or improve these rates.

All of this allows you to plan your time more effectively and improve your level of efficiency.

3. Training

By recording your phone calls you are able to use particularly successful sales calls, or ones that deliver a high level of customer service as training tools to train new starters or as refresher practice for existing staff.

You can even use particularly futile calls to show your workforce what not to do!

4. Lower Costs

With real time information to your inbound call information you can save your organisation not only time but also money.

Lost leads are a thing of the past, the system helps you gather the numbers of potential customers that you may have missed or that could not get through, providing you with the chance to follow up their missed call.

How can Windsor help

Our industry leading call statistic tool is included within all of our call packages, to help organisations of varying sizes and sectors utilise their call package effectively. The system provides you with valuable information and insight that can easily be accessed via the web.

To find out more about vision call statistics and how it could benefit your business contact a member of the team today.

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