What is Call Whispering?

At Windsor Telecom we’ve taken some time to highlight the benefits that call whispering can provide to your business.

Call Whispering explained

Call Whispering is a service that plays a short message to the person at your business answering the call, prior to the caller being connected. By doing so, this then helps you establish the call subject prior to even picking up the phone.

Why use Call Whispering

Call Whispering is an ideal service if you’re running a range of marketing campaigns that need to be tracked to measure their individual return on investment. At Windsor Telecom we can route an unlimited amount of our numbers to the same target phone number, which can then feature their own customised message as defined by your business.

By implementing Call Whispering, each piece of marketing collateral you send out can have its own Call Whisper message which provides your workforce with a straight-forward tracking procedure. For example, if you were to have a telecom advert in The Telegraph, the Call Whisper message could be Advert The Telegraph’€.

Identify which of your brands customers are interested in

If you operate multiple businesses or brands but don’t have various phone lines then Call Whispering can provide you with identification as to which business/brand number the user has dialled. By doing so, this enables you and your employees to answer the call professionally and with relevance to the specific business or brand.

For remote workers

Call Whispering is also a valuable tool for remote home-workers. The service can distinguish between business and personal calls, as well as the different brands or businesses you may operate. In addition, the service doesn’t require a separate phone line and so no additional expense is required.

Improve business efficiencies

At Windsor Telecom, we understand the importance of having the option of answering a call or not once the subject/user has been identified. Windsor Telecom’s audio whisper with accept feature enables the recipient to identify the call relevance and then to either press 1 to accept, or press 2 to reject the call. If the call were to be rejected then it would move onto the next step in the call plan, for example, it would go to a different ring group or straight to the user’s voicemail.

You can find out more information about Call Whispering here, alternatively you can call a member of our team on 0800 160 1111.

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