What call rerouting options are available?

A lot of people get confused by the difference between call forwarding and re-routing. Call forwarding is programmed and activated at the telephone, whereas Call Rerouting is programmed in the system database using ESM programming forms.

Call re-routing is becoming a more prominent requirement of every-day business life, delivering enhanced flexibility.

There are three types of call re-routing including:

Instant Call Rerouting

Instant call rerouting is a service that will reroute your existing phone number to an alternative landline or mobile. Call rerouting enables you to receive calls at any time, and so if you are working remotely then calls can be rerouted accordingly, without the caller knowing. Further to this, the service can also cater for calls to be rerouted abroad.

This service is ideal for businesses relocating or for those that encourage remote working, as Instant Call Rerouting ensures your business efficiency is not disrupted in any way, shape or form.

Route to mobile

As the number of remote workers continues to rise, call rerouting is becoming an imperative feature in order for businesses to support their employees, whilst maintaining customer relations.

Route to mobile is especially useful for out of hours or if you use live messaging services, as you can work remotely without any restrictions. In addition, this service also provides you with a Disaster Recovery solution as if something were to happen to your office premises or your landline had an outage then your calls could be routed directly to your mobile within moments, preventing any loss of business.

Routing your calls to your mobile phone is a straight forward process, which you can do online or direct from your mobile.

Time of day routing

Time of day routing allows you to choose where you calls go at all times of the day. For example, you can route calls to your landline during the day and then to a mobile in the evening. This service is completely flexible and you can change your call routing pattern on a daily basis if required.

This feature also allows customised voice messages to be played when you are unavailable; delivering a similar service to if you were in the office. In addition, you can set your calls to be diverted directly to your voicemail at a specific time during the day which can be planned in advance.

For more information on call rerouting and the different options click here, alternatively call 0800 160 1111.

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