What call re-routing features are available?

After our last blog piece, you may still be undecided on what call re-routing features will be best for your business. With such a wide array of call solutions available, we have decided to outline for you what features we currently offer to businesses and how these can enhance the service you offer.

Instant Call Re-Routing

With a Windsor Telecom phone number you can instantly reroute your number through to a target number of your choice, this can be any landline or mobile phone. This is a perfect solution if you relocate offices or decide to change the target number in which calls are diverted through to.

Via MyWindsor or over the phone you can change immediately where you calls are routed to it really is as simple as that!

Time of Day

The next step up would be to set up a time of day call plan. This allows you to outline where calls are routed to during your opening hours and leaves you to decide what happens to calls that fall outside of your normal operating hours. If each working day differs you can assign separate start and finish times for each day to cater for these differences accordingly.

You can choose to divert these missed calls through to your own mobile phone, or a home phone number. Alternatively, you can route all calls through to a voicemail service at any predefined time. Missed calls and messages can then be picked up at your next convenient time.

Advanced time of day routing enables you to set up multiple time zones, allowing you to be more specific in terms of where calls can be directed through to at various points throughout the day.

This feature (either basic or advanced) also enables you to pre-set specific days such as celebrated holidays as out of hour’s way in advance.

Voicemail to Email

If you set up a voicemail service you can get these messages sent straight through to your email address. You can then pick these up on the go via your desktop, MyWindsor or mobile phone.


Various targets can be set up on your business phone number to specify where calls are routed to and how these calls are distributed. You can create bespoke targets according to your business needs and specifications to maintain business continuity as well as increase your overall workforce’s productivity.

At Windsor Telecom we can help design an inbound call solution to compliment your business phone number. No matter how complex or bespoke your requirements are, our account managers are here to help you choose the right solution for you.

To find out more take a look at the call handling services we have available and start enhancing the service you provide today.

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