What are the different types of call handling techniques?

With call options and recorded menus hitting the headlines this week; here at Windsor we have decided to outline the advantages attached to call handling techniques for both the business and the customer.

Automated call handling solutions often get bad press for being frustrating as we have seen recently with retired IT manager Nigel Clarke’s research into automated menus which found some companies to have a staggering 80 options. It is no wonder customers can sometimes become frustrated with this process; although if used correctly, these extra services can actually enhance the service you provide and run successfully alongside your business numbers.

How a business handles a call will vary depending on their sector along with their business purpose. At Windsor, we offer a free toolbox of call handling solutions as well as additional upgrades which can be installed alongside our 0845 numbers and other phone numbers we provide. These features allows a business to be more in control of their inbound calls and callers by setting up tailored options to ensure customer satisfaction along with a variety of choice on how calls are dealt with.

Rerouting is a popular option, allowing a business to choose a different number if they wish to divert their calls. It will also allow an organisation to decide the opening times of their business and how to handle calls that fall out of the time period. Calls can be rerouted to another number during out of hours to ensure they are answered or sent straight through to voicemail. All of this improves a customer’s journey as you will never miss an important call.

Putting in place the call handling feature of getting your voicemails sent straight through to your email allows you to respond to anything urgent and pick up missed calls even if you are not in the office. These calls can be stored and forwarded to other colleagues to be dealt with; ensuring once again that every phone call is managed and responded to efficiently and correctly.

During busy periods, call queuing is an integral call handling feature for most businesses that operate over the phone. Allowing you to queue the calls, rather than customers being presented with an engaged tone thus your company will be able to handle and respond to even more enquiries. You can tailor the queuing process to ensure a bespoke service for your company; including choosing an introduction, apology and marketing message, queue time as well as hold music if you wish. All of which helps to make the process more seamless for your staff and customers.

A virtual switchboard can also be installed and is ideal for an organisation with numerous departments and offices. Setting up automated menus will help to direct the customer to the correct place, as they will be able to choose through the given options to define their enquiry; improving the service you are providing your customers along with their satisfaction, as customers won’t have to be transferred across multiple departments.

If any of these options sound like something your business could benefit from, visit our virtual switchboard page which outlines all the options we offer along with best practices for businesses. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our expert team who are here to help and can advise on the correct solutions to meet your corporation’s needs.

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