What are the business benefits of call tailoring?

As technology evolves businesses can now take advantage of tailoring their caller’s user experience.

It is becoming more and more important for businesses to place emphasis on their brand at every stage during the purchasing-life-cycle, and as well as this, to make the users call journey as smooth as possible. In doing so, businesses can now take advantage of different types of switchboards; virtual switchboards and advanced virtual switchboards.

Virtual switchboards

A virtual switchboard is ideal if your organisation has various departments or offices, as the caller can choose an option and will then be diverted straight through to the right place, preventing a high drop-off call rate. This also allows businesses to record and upload unique announcements for each option which can be used to re-enforce brand awareness.

A low call drop-off rate is imperative to any business. By implementing a virtual switchboard your callers are less likely to get irritated as your phone lines will not appear engaged. Further to this, switchboards are renowned for providing an overall better and more efficient customer service while contributing towards enhanced staff productivity as calls are routed to the appropriate departments.

Advanced virtual switchboards

An advanced virtual switchboard is similar to a virtual switchboard but provides businesses with additional features and benefits. A main benefit of this type of switchboard is that it provides sub menus to the main menu, whereby a user’s call can be routed more specifically to the enquiry. This type of switchboard is suitable for those larger organisations with multiple sub-departments.

With an advanced switchboard, the messaging can be tailored at any time via an online application, making it flexible around your business needs. Further to this, the beauty of this service is that it provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive in-house PBX systems.

Another way of tailoring your caller’s user experience is through adding a message that introduces your organisation. By doing so, your users are provided with a good first impression of your brand and they know they have come through to the right number instantly.

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