What are the benefits of time of day routing?

With the increase in online transactions, customers’€™ expectations of businesses have grown, with the desire for longer opening hours becoming increasingly evident as more and more companies operate outside of the traditional 9-5 working day.

As a company, it can be difficult to manage incoming calls during out of hours and busy sales periods. This is why at Windsor we offer our customers the option of time of day routing. This call handling technique gives your business the flexibility and options to decide where your inbound calls are routed to at different times of the day.

What are the benefits to my business?

This call handling technique is perfect for out of hours business cover.

Time of day routing allows a business to configure call flow patterns, specifying where a call is diverted to during certain times and days of the week. For important dates such as Christmas day or Easter Monday, you can pre-set these in advance as a ‘€˜special day’€™ and choose how these calls are to be handled.

The more advanced time of day option gives the user the choice to set up multiple time zones to drill down further on where calls are routed to.

Can you choose where you route calls to?

Not only can calls be diverted depending on the hour of the day or day of the week, you can also choose where these targeted calls are routed to. As a business, it gives you the flexibility to divert these important calls to your mobile whilst you are out of the office, or for an automated voice mail and support message to be played to the caller.

During busy periods when all your lines may be engaged, you can choose to automatically divert the caller to your own personal pre-recorded voicemail. Through MyWindsor, this feature can be set up; allowing you to record and upload your own customised greeting. Voicemails can then be emailed to your inbox so you can pick these up on the go.

You can be granular in your targeting with different options depending on once again the time of day or day of the week; helping to ensure you never miss that important call.

Why Windsor Telecom?

At Windsor we are here to help. We give our customers complete control over their business numbers, with an array of call handling options that can be added to enhance the service you provide.

For more information, visit our call handling page or give us a call on 0800 160 1111 to speak to one of our experienced account managers who can help advise you on the right upgrades for your business.

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