What are the benefits of call re-routing?

Does your business’€™ workforce operate from multiple locations across the UK as well as further afield? If yes, call re-routing could be the perfect solution for you.

Call re-routing allows incoming calls to be routed through to multiple locations and devices whether it may be another office, a mobile phone or an employee’s home – our inbound call function has it covered.

There are many business advantages attached to call rerouting; but most importantly with this service you have flexibility to choose (as well as change) where your calls are routed to, ensuring that those important calls are never missed.

It allows your organisation to have one main telephone number which can then be used within all promotional materials; including business cards, marketing activities as well as any other documentation that your customers may see. This avoids any confusion with your details and makes it a lot more likely that customers will remember your number!

Instant call routing ensures business continuity, as only one number needs to be called in order to ring multiple locations. This is an ideal solution for companies who have call agents located at a variety of offices, as bespoke targets and rotas can be set which automatically decide and proportion calls based on availability as well as time of day.

Not only does this solution give your business the flexibility to choose where calls are directed to, you can also control what happens to calls during periods of time when your organisation may be closed or unavailable. Rather than missing an important call or potential sales lead, these calls can be directed through to a mobile phone or voicemail service that can then be sent to you via email. Perfect for out of hours cover.

In case of an emergency, phone numbers can be fitted with an instant disaster recovery rerouting service. This comes as standard with all Windsor’s phone numbers but you will need to double-check with your provider if this call handling feature is included within your price plan. By having this set up it minimises the effect of a landline going down on a business, as calls can be diverted through to another number in a matter of seconds. This prevents your company from missing out on any potential revenue as well as ensuring the business’€™ reputation remains untarnished and fully operational.

At Windsor Telecom we make call routing easier for our customers via our internal online management tool MyWindsor. With MyWindsor you can easily set up these call handling features to complement your businesses operations and be in action instantly.

Unsure on what service will be best for you? Speak to one of our dedicated account managers who can help advise you on what solutions will be beneficial to your organisation. Or check out our further blog piece that focusses on the various call re-routing options we have available.

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