Top Tips for setting up a Small Business

All businesses start up as just an idea, but how to turn that idea into a successful business is the tricky part!

At Windsor we are here to help, we know that many people dream of starting their own business, so we wanted to give you some top tips to turn that great idea into a reality.

1. Register your idea

The first thing you need to do if applicable is register your idea – whether it’s a new product or service. This will protect your idea and future brand from being copied, replicated or mimicked as well as allowing you to see if something similar has already been registered. shows you how to register your business idea successfully.

2. Research

Undertake extensive research of your competition and the existing market, this will help you to establish a gap where your start-up will be able to fit in.

Once you have your USP, research how you can make this work, talk to your potential customer base to see if they would actually be interested in your product offering.

3. Have a clear plan

Have a business plan with clear and precise objectives of what you want to achieve and how you envisage doing this.

Use this to help map your plan of action moving forward, don’t worry this will develop as your business evolves.

4. Build Relationships

Getting your brand out there is vital during your infancy. How are people going to know that you exist if you do not let them know?

Go to networking events, use social media and build relationships with potential partners and suppliers.

5. Invest in a virtual number

Not only will this help improve your presence nationwide, virtual numbers have many added benefits.

If your organisation relies on telephone communication as its main point of contact with your customers, the importance of a business number cannot be underestimated. Stand out from the existing businesses and your competition by investing in a number that not only sounds professional but is also memorable. 0845 numbers are great at doing this and can help improve a new start-up’s reach and influence nationwide.

As a new start-up, a Freephone number could also have a significant influence on the level of enquiries or sales you receive; and it is why this particular set of virtual numbers is an extremely popular choice among small businesses.

Research has shown that this set of numbers can boost a company’s response rates by up to 185%! What’s more, it has been found that over 63% of consumers if given the choice will choose to call a Freephone number rather than ringing a phone number that might cost.

At Windsor Telecom we can help you choose your perfect phone number, download our free guide here to find out how a business number can enhance the image of your start-up.

6. Consider a virtual office

Are you working out of your spare room? If so, think about hiring a virtual office or a meeting room to meet prospective clients. This will make a real difference to how your business is perceived.

7. Be Patient

Things take time; this is paramount, so try not to rush into decisions like a bull in a china shop. Instead take your time and do your research, you do not have to agree to everything and anything.

Don’t be put off by setbacks, your business journey won’t be straightforward instead learn from your experiences.

At Windsor Telecom we work with a variety of businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we know that business objectives differ. That is why we offer bespoke call handling solutions that can be tailored to compliment an individual organisation’s needs.

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