The MyWindsor App is ready for download

At Windsor Telecom we are very pleased to announce the brand new MyWindsor app is now available to download.

MyWindsor is an integral part of every one of our customers call package. It works as an online tool that provides businesses with essential information and online management that is personalised to their specific business phone number or service.

Previously you would have only been able to access your personal portal online through the Windsor Telecom website. This has now changed with the introduction of the MyWindsor app which allows customers to fully control their number on the go via their mobile phone.

Here are some of the key benefits of the MyWindsor app:

• Make changes on the go, which can be put live straight away.

• Edit settings and activate call handling services no matter where you are in the world.

• Analyse call statistics for today, yesterday and the past week.

• Listen to voicemails and receive fax2emails on your mobile phone.

• Get in contact with your dedicated account manager if you need to.

As you can see the app delivers many benefits at a touch of a button; allowing businesses to control their inbound calls, create and make changes to their call handling options as well as view important call statistics.

All of these vital aspects will help our customers to improve the efficiency of their call management options. If you do need further information on how the app can help you please contact a member of the team today who will be happy to assist.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the app now, and experience the true benefits of having MyWindsor on your mobile. Please let us know your feedback

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