Small Business phone numbers make a big impression

Recently the Telegraph's SME Masterclass gave some great advice on How to run a business from home. Most of which we echo.

However, when it comes to projecting a truly professional image, the good old telephone is probably the most fundamental form of communication that can influence how your business is perceived.

From the phone number you choose to represent your business to the outside world’€¦to getting your number noticed‘€¦the way you answer and greet each and every call’€¦how much it costs to call you’€¦and, finally, measuring success Windsor Telecom can help.

We understand that your small business venture is your ‘€˜baby’€™ and, understandably, you want to be in charge every step along the way. That’s exactly what a virtual number from Windsor Telecom can do for you.

  • A choice of great business numbers to suit every budget
  • Each with call handling technology that keeps you in full control
  • A marketing-leading App to manage your number on the move
  • Insightful real-time call stats.

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